Well after months of campaigning and listening to endless ads the day is upon us. To vote for the next president. I have always held voting as a right that you should exercise or don’t complain about what’s going on. I have voted in every single election, except the 1992 presidential primary, and I’m one of the few people that go to the polls when it is only a local election. So if you ever wondered who went, here I am.

But this election has to me been one of the worst ever. Neither candidate is worthy of the position in my opinion. Both have their downfalls. One of my college political science professors said a smart thing once, “We should take all the people who want to be president and get rid of them and put someone in who doesn’t” This makes sense to me. In America there are very few differences in the political parties. We think there are but not really. Look at European countries and you’ll see a big difference. Socialist, Free enterprises, green party and the like. The one thing I’m tired of is this is the most important election in our lives. Now that is Cr*p. Our country isn’t safe and all that, well as I told someone once, we’ve come late to the terrorist party and it was only a matter of time before we had it here and will continue to have it. We can’t let that keep us terrified and in our houses. Terrorism is a fact of life in this world, any nutcase with a bomb can get out there and make a name for their cause. We have to live out lives and be free. That’s what this country was built on. But enough about that, back to my original point. This election is the ultimate lesser of two evils. On the one had you have Bush who in my opinion is living off his fathers legacy, what has he done? well a tax break and a war, and if I hear this is a war for oil I’m going to b*tch slap someone cause if it was gas would be under two bucks a gallon, so if it is a war for oil, bring it on! As for Kerry, what has he done, he’s been in the Senate for what 20 years and can you name anything he’s done? Neither can I!

This is a major case of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. No matter who gets in we all-loose. It’s time we start picking a president who doesn’t campaign like these two have. I mean would you pick a doctor just because he said the other Dr. across town had an affair with his nurse, cheated on his taxes and had a questionable military record? No you would look at his record as a Dr. and go from there. As I look at both Bush and Kerry’s qualifications I would have to say, neither should get it. People who I think would do a better job up in Washington or around the country are but I reserve the right to change my mind at any time LOL, don’t you love when people do that…. none come to mind right now but when I think of some I’ll let you know.

Hopefully the other posting will be about my site, underwear, gear, rodeos, cowboys and other fun stuff that I like. Just needed to vent on this topic. I used to be Democrat and now I think I’m libertarian, I like the financial policy of republicans and the social policy of democrats. Plus I’m not religious and those people on the republican side scare me, any one who follows blindly and never questions authority should never be in power, bad things happen……

Have a good one and postings will be more about me and such in the future. Later