Ok, I have to fess up to something I changed the date on this one, I’m writing this one the same date as the one above. I just have had stuff going on and not been able to write. But hey I’m honest. I have had this one ready to go since Thursday, and even had the key points written down. So here we go

I met two really great guys this week. They are Lee and Marc. Just moved to Atlanta from the DC area. I’ve chatted with Lee on gay.com and then on yahoo. We have chatted for a few weeks and we finally got the chance to meet. So after work one night, I headed to their place, before I went to class, and hung out with Lee, and then Marc came home after I was there. Lee is a nice guy who grew up in a town not far from where my parents are from and we’ve chatted about everything. So I went down to see him after work, which he has a place with an incredible view of Atlanta? Really nice apartment. And another thing about them is they are Mac boys, yeah! About time I meet more Mac boys. So anyway, we were just sitting and talking and what did I spy with my little eye mixed in with the DVDs? Only a copy of Guys gone wild! I asked him was that guys gone wild and he said yes, he said they show everything but not much is well, at attention, but the drunk frat boys do things they wouldn’t normally do. SO I told him I gotta borrow that! Marc came home and he’s a nice guy too. I hope we all three can hang out again very soon. Two of the nicest guys I’ve met in a long time. And yeah they have read this blog and will read this soon I think!

Ok on to the big kid syndrome as I call it. That’s what I think I suffer from. I am a big kid, and always have been. I love cartoons, having fun and not taking things so seriously. But I think when dating many people find this a turn off. I could be wrong but I try to be honest and tell them how I am. I had all sorts of examples to back this up and now I’m drawing a complete and total blank. If you read the blog entry above you’ll know why. We’ll come back to this one

Underwear shopping was fun on Thursday. I went to Northlake mall, a mall here in ATL on the NE side of town, near where I work. I just did some window-shopping. JCPenney’s doesn’t have many undies in their stores. I figured they would have something. Nope, just regular. So then I went to Rich’s/Macy’s and they had some really cool Jockey undies. Some microfiber briefs and thongs. The thongs weren’t badly priced at $9 a piece. Now I’m waiting for the sale on Jockey now! Gotta get me some of those. Also one real shocker was Sears yes Sears, they had some cool tighty whities from their Brand Canyon River Blues or CRB, they are low-rise white briefs, and they look pretty hot. But that’s not the shocker, in the corner of the store they had a brand of, and now I can remember the name, John Henry or something. They were bikinis type, made from spandex and a pouch. I was shocked, they look awesome, but I didn’t get any. I should have, they had a pair that looked stripped with white and blue. They were really cool ways they wove the treads. I will prob go back and get some soon. Not much of a report but I hope you like.