Well, I have to share with you my new fetish of sorts, bodybuilders. Man they get me going. Ever since I was 13 they have. I used to save my change and rush to the local drug store and buy the latest Muscle & Fitness magazine. Heck bodybuilding mags were my porn. I guess it also has to do with the skimpy posing trunks they wear. Which are just skimpy Speedos. Some guys think bodybuilders are just two big, I don’t think so, and I like bodybuilders with some definition not just big hulking guys. I’ve joined a few yahoo groups and I get bodybuilding pics ever day. Now if I could just find one in real life. Alas, no luck so far. I remember back in HS I used to know every bodybuilder around, no I have no clue who is who. But I’m sure I’ll bet back into it soon enough. But what I like about bodybuilders are pecs and butts, those are the two things I like best. I have yet to understand why they won’t let bodybuilders wear thongs in competitions since the glutes are judged in competition. I’ve only been with a few bodybuilders in my life and wished I had a bodybuilding boyfriend but I doubt I’ll find one anytime soon. again, Terminally single LOL. I’m sure I’ll write more about bodybuilders soon. but moving on….

But as things went on I discovered Exercise for Men Only, this magazine was and still is very homoerotic. The pics are geared towards men who are into men, not just working out. I can’t vouch for the workout advice because that was not my purpose in buying the magazines, yeah I’m so bad. But the pics were so incredible and encompassed everything I loved, Speedos, thongs, spandex and men in very sexy poses. I used to get them every week, I still do actually, why not, and they are cool mags. But I’m also reading the work out material in it too. I hired a trainer at school and hope to be big and buff by Speedo season this year. I’m so tired, I should have waited to write this episode.

I’m also on AIM talking to a friend who’s been dating or should I say has a husband for a while and they got into a fight. he said there is no such thing as a perfect relationship. Which I totally agree, I used to think that if you weren’t fighting everything was wonderful, I believe that relationships are work and most guys, heck most people gay or str8 just don’t work at it, when things take a down turn or a rough patch, they bail. I know what you’re thinking, pretty big talk from someone who is terminally single, but as the old saying goes do as I say not as I do! LOL< I give great advice for spicing up a relationship or romantic ideas but I'll be damned if I can do it on my own LOL. OK I’m tired, I’ll write more tomorrow, I PROMISE! well have a good one and you guys if you're reading this post comments or email me!
Your cowboy Tim