It’s my birthday today! Along with Thanksgiving. I hope I will be a good day. But we will see. I spell checked my back up of previous postings and man I can’t type worth cr*p, so I’m going to report them with the corrections. Never let a dyslexic be in charge of spelling. My gout is acting up so it’s driving me crazy. Yeah I know some are you saying you’re too young or what the heck is gout. Well put it basically it’s caused by a rapid build up of uric acid in the blood stream and when your body cools very small needle like crystals form in your joints and its VERY painful. It usually strikes the big toe joint. But I’m blessed to have it in my foot and wrist, and also have had it in my knee. It’s been bothering me for about a week and my meds to reduce it aren’t working so, its sucks a big one and not in a good way.

We have the typical stuff planned for today but we’ll see about my bday, most of my friends are out of town, so sometimes its cool to have it on a holiday and other parts of it sucks.

I am supposed to start my trainer at school next week and if my gout doesn’t get better, I will have to wait till next semester. Also yesterday online I ran across a guy I have chatted with before and he’s starting GSU in January so I may have a work out buddy, he seems like a great guy. Would be good to have someone motivating me to go and get it done. Chris, the guy I talked to, needs the same. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

And call the newspapers and put this online! I finally found a pair of boxer briefs I like. I usually hate the things cause they ride up or bunch up or just drive me insane. So Greg and my other buds, I’m wearing some of them! But the Target (INSERT BRAND) is awesome. I wore them to work yesterday and really didn’t notice a difference between them and my regular bikinis. I plan to get the white and blue kinds of these. They are awesome.

This week online I’ve run across some really great guys and some out there. I really want go into the out there guys because there are more of them online then regular guys. I met one guy for lunch and there was no connection he felt so he said so, and you know I really respected him cause he was honest and wasn’t rude, just was a nice guy. So I’m impressed, glad to see guys with manners out there in Cyberspace. Also I ran across Chris and talked to a few more. I know online isn’t the place to find much other then sex but sometimes it surprises you.