I have decided this year that it’s time to get in shape, I’m tired of my pants size going up and I have decided to hire a trainer at school, GSU for those who don’t know and I signed up for the masters stroke class ( yeah I laughed at the name too) at GSU as well, to improve my stroke in swimming, the other kind I have no problems, trust me plenty of practice! And btw this spell check on here doesn’t work well on a Mac you’ll just have to deal with some misspellings.

First off, I love to swim. I joined the Rainbow Trout in 97 and swam with them for a while and I loved it, then I got pink eye, and had not job to pay for the dues so I had to drop off. Well, after years of being lazy and such its time to get back in the Speedos, well ok Jammers, Speedos will be a while. Which btw I ordered some kick *ss suits on eBay and won them. So I can’t wait, well back to the class, my class started a few weeks back, and I’ve just been wearing regular shorts, I have read on a few sites that regular suits will make your stroke off because of the drag and I didn’t want to wear Speedos just yet, I may scare a few folks, I got some Jammers, you know the bike shorts kind that some of the swimmers were wearing. I can’ wait to get them, I won them last night and the seller already sent them, so I should have them by Saturdays class. So back to swimming, I do freestyle the best, then backstroke, then butterfly (which I haven’t learned much at all) and then breast stroke I f*cking hate that stroke, I’ve never gotten it down, I do kick drills and nothing, I go no where, but tonight I swam before class and think I made some improvement in the fundamentals. I just wish I could find a guy local or heck on the net who would talk swimming and help me work out whats been going wrong. I’m planning on getting a book and DVD from http://www.totalimersion.com, I hope I spelled that right, they have a book and DVD set of the 4 strokes and how to do them better. I found it on a posting on the US Masters site, so what the heck the only thing I have to loose is money right! I want to get involved on the masters team and compete, but right now only thing I could compete with would be a sick walrus! I initially got into swimming because, let’s face it, Speedos. guys in Speedos. But I have really loved the sport too, I tired to follow it in Athens this summer and the studly Michael Phelps. Is there anyone out there who can help me with my 4 strokes or chat with me about it? I’m beginning to wonder if I’m only typing for myself LOL, don’t know how many of my friend are reading this, or I’d love to hear from strangers reading this too or ones who’ve been to my site. I’ll keep you posted on my swimming.

This afternoon I swam, for a bit, I didn’t really have a structured workout, cause I don’t remember any I did and I just swam free some, kicked free, kicked fly then free, the fly gets you tired, and then did breast kick and I actually went somewhere. Then back stroke, then breast or tried to do it, and last more free. The best thing is I sat in the hot tub or Jacuzzi at school and relaxed after I swam, was nice, there were a group of for a lack of better words frat boys sitting in there after their game of water basketball, three guys and two girls, and one made a comment your hair is straight like your sexual orientation, talking about the hair on his head then they started talking about two different guys in Speedos showing off, one guy was posing and lifting his legs on in the air, JESH, and the other wore a Speedo you could see through in the Jacuzzi, and the girl said ” you try not to look but you can’t help but stare” and the guys agreed. Was an interesting conversation. But speaking of interesting, I went out to the pool deck before my swim and left my towel in the locker room and water bottle in my locker so on the way back into the locker room, this guy was walking bare*ssed down the walk way between the showers with the towel over his shoulder, I mean the guy had a very nice butt and a good body too. I checked him out as he walked and then while he was standing at the mirror. went to my locker then tired to check out the package but couldn’t’ see, he had a very nice butt. So that was my excitement tonight

In a week from Monday, on Nov 30 I start with my trainer, they will all be girls, but hey I guess I won’t get distracted during my work out. I want to build up my chest, arms and legs and god willing my butt. I just want to be some what muscular and be able to wear Speedos and other gear with no probs and be self confident while doing wearing it. I know nothing about working out and hope they can help. I did get a compliment today from my bro in NYC, not my real bro but he’s a great guy, he said I was perfect the way I was, which I was glad to hear. I told him these goals and he said, you’re a big guy and you don’t need to get too thin, which I said don’t worry, I won’t! I want to stay around 34-36 waist in pants, pref 36 cause I’d have to buy new wrangs if I lost weight. But I’m excited and I hope it all goes well.

My bro in NYC is also looking over my site and he had some great ideas about it, he’s going to be a great asset to the site and helping me plan, I’m hoping to go up to NYC in Jan and me and him have a good weekend going over the site and Site Seeing NYC this will be my first visit, he said he’d take me to a store that sold undies cheap, so you know I’m game. If you’re reading this you rock Bro! Yeah he’s like my lil bro I never had. A. this Buds for you!

Ok I’m getting sleepy, I was going to write this last night but I had to update my brother’s computer so I didn’t get a chance to do it. This isn’t exactly what I wanted to write but being tired it is what it is. So let me hear from you guy, post comments, email me timothymgol@earhtlink.net just let me know what you think. Have a good one and check back often and early to this Blog!

cowboy Tim