Well, as promised I went back to Swinging Richards tonight. And I LOVE STRIPERS. The reason is I can flirt and have fun without the repercussions if that makes sense. It’s expected. Tues and Wed they have no cover till 9:00PM. I tired to get an online buddy to go but he had to cancel due to lack of funds. Which I completely understand. I used some savings money to go and treat myself to a birthday evening out by myself. So I got down there around 8:20 PM or so. I was only the forth person there. When I walked in the door but who should I see? My man that I was there for, he flashed that cute smile and said how are you doing. I said something to the effect great now. They only had one person dancing on stage at the time and the first two were ok. The second one could really dance well and wore thongs too. I had to tip him. Then my guy came out, in black boxer briefs and a black thong. I tipped him a lot and he’s a nice guy. When I talked to him, I said how hot he was and that I would buy more thongs from him if he would sell them, he just smiled. He had to make his rounds around the club and talk to the various big tippers, and he asked me when I tipped him were we going to do some dances tonight, and I said Oh yeah we are. So back to the part where he comes and sits by me. And talks to me about chit chat stuff, then asks if I wanted a private dance and said he could do it out on the floor or in the VIP area, and the VIP area one was much better. So he convinced me, not like it took much to go back there. He wasn’t wearing his thong, so when I commented on it, he said he could get it but did I really want him in just a thong, I said NO! so we got back there and he said could touch and rubbed him a little and he rubbed me like a lap dance should be. And convinced me into two dances, again not like I had to be forced. After the two dances he said he had a thong I’d love and I went back and sat in the main room and watched a few of the guys. He got on stage again, this time in white boxer briefs and under he had a blue and whit thong he said he got made especially for him in Austin, I think. It fit him very well. He said he liked it when I came up cause I always had a smile and boosted his confidence. He’s awesome,

Well the night went on, and I heard them announce he was in the back stage in the VIP room and can I just say if you go to swinging Richards pay the 5 bucks to get in, you can get in the rest of the night, there were only me and 1 other guy tipping him, and I got to talk to him and it’s basically an almost personal show. Then after the set he sat down and talked and we discussed the thong, he said he would sell me thongs as long as I let him know I was coming and he could replenish his stock . He gave me his number and I do plan to call. In the mean time he went and got the black CK Thong he wore on stage and sold it to me, yes another thong 🙂 and I found out the question about his sexual orientation, and lets say I’m not telling here I stayed back in the VIIP area and the strippers are a lot more talkative back there. Some where really nice.

Then I left the VIP area and he was back on stage, I tipped him again and again, and he got the biggest smile when I came up Then it’s getting too late and I told him that I would have to go he said wait till he got freshen up and came back out. I asked him if I could get him thongs and he said yes and I am going to have to do that. Well It’s 12:47 and I’m tired and I have to be up at 5, will try to type more tomorrow and see if this makes sense without retyping. cya