Ok, with a title like this it better be good and boy is it. Well the day started crappy. I have gout, for those of you who don’t know is when uric acid crystallizes in your joints. It affected the top of my foot and the big toe joint. Yes and it’s very painful. Which sucked cause I was going out for my birthday. I hoped it would be gone but it wasn’t and luckily as the night went on it went away. I went to my swim class and was ok, my foot was bothering me so I did as much as I cam since I’m on my quest to be buff. But I noticed one guy in the class, I had seen him two weeks ago, not overly good looking but, kind of boy next door type, Nice tight body, smooth and still don’t know if he’s gay or str8, but he spelled his name like a gay man, LOL, like Bil, but that’s not it, I won’t post his name. But I was the second one there and I’m usually the last, he was standing on the pool deck in blue square cut kind of suit, and I wore my knee length jammers for the first time. I’m a little self conscious about wearing them since; I need to be in better shape. But I just did it. I hope I can start loosing weight and pack on some muscle. But he’s great candy for the practice, will keep you posted if I find out more about him. Not much to tell other then he looks hot in square cuts.

OK moving on to the day, yes I’ll get to the title soon, I learned in marketing you have to hook them and draw them in. My family is driving me crazy, lately every time I have something I want to do, they want me to drop everything and do it, RIGHT THEN and then I’m the bad guy who won’t do it. Just tired of it, not going to get into the family thing just wanted to set the mood, cause I had to deliver two of out old sofas to a friend of the family and up her big *ss drive way, which of course made my foot hurt like hell, then get two new ones and bring them home. With my brother driving like a drunk version of Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, (which I’m’ still mad at Disney for taking out), driving as fast as he could with them being in a trailer behind the car, I Swear one was going to fly off at anytime. But we got home and I had a big fight because I was supposed to be a friends house by 7, and it was already six and I needed to leave. So on the way there, I almost called and cancelled. But I didn’t and I’m glad I didn’t.

We went to a Puerto Rican restaurant, right near my house, where I found out that they have Guys only Underwear Night, hmmmm, going to have to check that out. It was called Rauls Latin American Café (http://www.raulslatinamericancafe.com/) Its only like 10-15 mins from my house. But dinner was ok, I’m not used to Puerto Rican food, but was good, need to try something other then the Cuban sandwich next time. They had some other cool stuff just didn’t know what it was. My friends, Mike and Todd, want to check it out so I’m sure I’ll be back. Then we headed to the Eagle here in ATL, which I haven’t been to in a while but they have gone all respectable. The place is clean, renovated and the gift shop was BRIGHT! Now when I go to a leather bar, I want some sleaze factor but they even redid the bathrooms, granted its’ just one big room of urinals but still. Don’t know what was up with them making all nice But on a serious note, it’s nice but not what I expect from a leather bar, it’ll prob still be one of the few bars I go too. We have to do because it was rodeo night, I left the rodeo association with some hard feeling so going back was tough, but hey we all grow up sometime. Mike had to go make an appearance. Cause it was his last bar night. So we were there shortly then headed over to swinging Richards.

We stayed too long at the eagle and got there right when they were doing the 2-4-1 t-shirt dances. That I was not happy about, but I move on. We sat down and the caliber of dancers was much better then in years past. Well this year I discovered I don’t really talk much to the strippers, just hand them money, so I decided I’ll pick one and be very talkative and such, Well there was one, Anthony, beefy boy, brown hair blue eyes and he was sexy. He had a big tattoo across his back, which I’m not fond of usually but on him it looked good. So he was dancing and one song went, don’t recall if he got tipped at all, then the second song started and he was wearing a CK thong, I had to go tip that cause none of the boys there wore thongs. They were all boxer briefs. I went and tipped him and said I how are you and chatted a second and then said, “I love a man in a thong” And sat down, and then tipped him a few more times he said “Finally someone paying attention to me”, I said “You’re cute” and he asked could he come sit and talk after the set. Well he proved to be more popular then I had figured. For the next hour and half or so, he was in the VIP area. So by the time he came back out it was the last set. My friends wanted to leave, but I said not till this set is over. I had about 16 ones and was determined to use them. I tipped him every few minutes and I told him he was popular and that I had wished to have him for a private dance but we were about to leave he said “OH man, maybe after this set” I told him my friends were ready to leave. And then I think I sat back town and I wanted to ask him something but I got the balls and asked him “Since I can’t have a private dance, could I buy the thongs you wore in the last set off you? “ he asked “You want to buy my thongs? I guess sure!” Anthony wasn’t wearing them during this set and I pointed that out I said, “No thongs this set” He said wait after the set was done and he would get them. I went back up to tip him more. Later I found out he was Anthony and that he worked other nights, so I gotta go back and see him. He smiled, So the place was about to close and the last song finished and he ran back to the dancers areas, by the front door, We got up to leave and I said I’d be out in a bit and my friends Mike and Todd said they weren’t going anywhere. So he comes walking back out with the thong in hand and I handed him $20 and shoved them in my pocket. I don’t know if they know I like undies as much as I do but I think they do, and when we left Todd said I didn’t know they let you keep souvenirs, and I said they do if you pay for them. Was fun, enjoyed it, I am planning on going Tuesday for a Birthday Present to my self. So if I go I’ll keep you posted.