Well today has really sucked *ss. I finally got health insurance and all was going good, but I went in to the Dr. last month for my foot, for those of you who don’t know I have gout and it sucks. I went in because it was bothering me for weeks, and I need to take medicine every day to keep the attacks away. It’s nothing-serious at all just hurts like here. Well when we signed up for insurance at work, they said there were no preexisting conditions. Well, I got a letter a last week, and then followed by another that my insurance denied those claims. Well they didn’t say denied they said “on hold” Which to me in insurance talk is “Bite us you ain’t getting a penny” So this is all around $500 that I don’t have right now and I’m just pissed off, this shouldn’t even been happening. I will go into work tomorrow and prob have to go at it, although there was a day from hell there too. This week I can’ win for loosing.

Speaking of loosing, my work out partner has joined LA Fitness, so we’ll see if that goes off as planned. After this cr*p with the insurance I surely don’t have enough money to join anywhere. I don’t remember if I wrote about this or not, if so you’ll have to suffer again. I hope we can figure something out. If not I will go next week by myself. Such is life right.

But my favorites show was on tonight, my really can’t miss show on right now. The West Wing. The writing has definitely changed since Sorkin left; it’s a lot darker I think. These next few weeks will be an interesting one. Who will take over for Martin Sheen, and I’m not really happy with the MS story line right now but they didn’t ask me. They do however live up to the “Season of Change” they promised at the beginning. Donna Left, and tonight we found out she went to work for the VP campaign, Josh Left to go to Jimmy Smitts Campaign, Leo had a heart attack, but maybe coming back, and well I still love the show. I just got done watching the first three seasons on DVD, I got the third at Sam’s cheap, and then got the first two from Amazon for cheap too, I’m ready for season 4 to come out, it should be around may or so for that. I just hope that West Wing lives up to what it has; I will say that this season is better then last, and I hope they keep getting better. I can see if Jimmy Smitts gets the presidency Josh could be Chief of Staff, but will be an interesting season for sure.

My other show I watch, Survivor, I know no comments please, doesn’t start up till February I read so I have some time to kill. I hope this next season is better then this last, I hated the whole men vs. women thing. They need to keep them mixed up and would be much more interesting. I did hear that Survivor: Outback comes out in March! The last must see show is Las Vegas, love that show, the first season came out on DVD and I have to get it, but with my insurance probs, it won’t be this week I bet.

I love this thing and I will promise to write more in it, not sure anyone reads it at all. But I’ll keep writing till I get tired of it.