Ok, I know I’ve been neglectful to my blog, I love writing in it but with the holidays and family in town and working 12 hour days, well I had no time. Let’s see, where should I begin, well there is nothing to begin with LOL, I haven’t done anything didn’t think of anything and just been hanging out.

I did how ever start my own yahoo group. I’ve been the prince of porn for my friends and now instead of sending things out to individual people, I can send it all out at once and hopefully have friends email stuff in too. But time will tell on that one. My friend Will posted some pics, and Don emailed some. So it’s going pretty good. I hope I have something interesting to tell soon.

I start school next week and I’m one year from graduating. I gotta get involved with the AMA. But the big thing pissing me off this week is my insurance, they are d*cking me around. Too much go into right now. But you know I’ll keep you posted