Ok, I have nothing to write about this week, so I decided to write about TV. Yes that great waster of time and entertainment of the masses. We already know I love West Wing, but I haven’t watched this week’s episode yet, so no comment on that one yet. But I did get to see the first Survivor – Palau, now this season has potential. Last season in Vanuatu the whole men/women thing was so played out. Just annoyed me, and this is one of the seasons that I didn’t like, much like Thailand and Amazon I didn’t get into, but when they come out on DVD I’ll give them another chance. But last night they had 20 instead of the 18 they normally had and the preview was that 3 people go home, so I was wondering how this would be done, well the team pic was a cool idea to have the winners of immunity pick a member of the opposite sex and alternate and the last person picked, picked the next person. That was great, it surprised me that Jonathon was the last guy, I mean come on now, he’s some eye candy, but oh well, maybe he’ll be on a men of reality show calendar coming to you soon. But the last woman was Wanda, which didn’t surprise me at all, singing songs and stuff, that would have gotten annoying trapped on a deserted island. But the group this time looks a lot better then Vanuatu, just got tired of their constant whining on that one. But it was all good. Should be a lively season and I think Mark Burnett is doing at least 2 more Survivors. So it should be good. I’ll keep you posted on Survivor. Yes this is my guilty TV pleasure.

On with more TV, I got the first season of Murphy Brown on DVD, and I forgot how much I loved that show. Candice Bergin portrayal of Murphy is awesome. Murphy is the character I most want to be like. Outspoken and sarcastic! That is her in a nutshell; I just gotta get the outspoken part down. But I started something that I loved on Murphy Brown, every time you went into her office, there was a different sign on her dart board and on the bulletin board behind my desk I stared that too. I’ll keep you up dated on what I do. But this week it’s “ALL VISITORS Must Check in at the Nurses Station.”

I also got another TV Show this week too, the Complete Series of “Buck Rodgers in the 25th Century” from the 70’s. Yes that one with Gil Gerard and Erin Gray. I loved that show, I’m just now starting to watch it. Gil Gerard was so hot to me back then.

As you can tell I’m hooked on TV shows on DVD now. I have a few and hope they release all of Murphy Brown on DVD soon. Some of the shows I have are: The West Wing, Las Vegas, Golden Girls (I know way gay), Murphy Brown, Buck Rogers, Rocky and Bullwinkle and that names a few. And more and more shows come out on DVD

But for all my writing about TV I usually only catch, the West Wing, Survivor, Las Vegas, CSI the original one, and Sometimes Law & Order, which I need to tape. If I’m home I usually throw in a DVD and watch it. But are there any Survivor Fans in ATL? I’d love to find some to talk to or watch the shows with. Oh well talk to you soon