Ok, it’s the day after and I live. I had to give my presentation in my business communications class on our “Most Admired CEO.” Well I’m not one for giving formal presentations. But you gotta do what you gotta do right? Well I went through my presentation. Well the day at work was pretty uneventful for a Tuesday. I brought my clothes to change into, because we had to wear a tie, and everything was ok. I went to change, luckily I was at work, and the shirt I picked out, was too small! We know I’m a big boy, working on being a big muscle boy soon, but there was no way I could wear the shirt. I had to leave and go to my Dr.’s Appointment at 4 and it was already 3:20, I didn’t have time to go to the mall, so I had to stop by Sam’s on Clairmont and get a new shirt. I ran in and got it and then, they never have enough cashiers there, I waited in line and they do the scan your stuff while you stand in line and when you get up to the register, they just swipe your card and you pay. Well, of course the shirt wasn’t in the hand held scanner’s system, so I had to get to the register, well some guy had to do something with his membership and left his stuff on the counter and everyone in front of me paid and left, but guess who came back before I got there, you got it the guy with all the stuff. So I had to wait for him and I finally paid, and left. Well I forgot to mention it was sorta raining and people in Atlanta can’t drive in the rain, so I was worried I’d be late. So I drove like hell to the Dr.’s office and ran in. Everything went well at the Dr.’s office and I had a follow up visit for my gout and found I have a mold allergy, what fun. Three prescriptions later, I’m off to school, I got to school and pulled in. I was like; ok I’m just going to relax. I found a place to sit in Classroom South and pulled out my stuff and staple it together, we had a ton of stuff to turn in, and guess what? I forgot my new outline. I had the preliminary one that we had to turn in and so I ran to the computer lab and got on a Mac, which thank god are never full, I felt like an idiot because they have G4’s and I couldn’t figure out how to get the CD drive open, I had to ask the guy next to me. And I felt so stupid after, but I printed the outline. Well, it went to print but I didn’t have my student ID to run through the print server, it was in the car. So I had to go to my car and get it and come back, well the damn thing didn’t print, it didn’t show up so I printed again and again, still nothing, well I was a bone head. I was on the color printer not the black and white. So I got my outline and left.

So I reclaimed my seat in Classroom South and pulled out my speaker notes to go over the presentation. And guess what …I grabbed the WRONG STUFF. I cut out stuff from my presentation the night before and I grabbed what I call the extended presentation. I couldn’t believe it and at this point I had no money on my ID to print and had to go down to the computer lab and find out where to put money on my card and had to walk to the other side of campus. I couldn’t find the ATM machine that puts money on the panther card, so I walked up to Auxiliary services, and was going to the Panther Card office when I saw it, well I tried to go back down the steps and the door was broke, you couldn’t open it from the side I was on so I had to walk half way around the building and get back there. I should have just gone to the panther card office but I didn’t want to be bothered by people. So I put 2 bucks on my card. I went to the bookstore to get something to drink and some snacks and go back to the computer lab for the 3rd time. I open up my presentation and print the speaker’s notes. I get my stuff and leave. I go and sit outside my class and just relax for a few. So now I get my notes and start to go over my presentation and now the drama continues. The printer didn’t print out the pages or more then likely I left 3 pages on it. And no I’m not making this up; this is too twisted for even me to make up. By this time, I’m like there ain’t no way I’m going back to the computer lab for a 4th time. So I break out my outline and copy down the info for the last 3 slides. By this time it was almost time for class.

We get into class and I go third, the presentation went ok, I was right around 5 minutes. I said the only thing else could go wrong would be my presentation would self destruct, you know like in mission impossible. But I was already to go but when you get up there, you had a lot to think about. Well I don’t think I read the slides from the screen, and I went pretty well. I got nervous and reworked things on the fly. One thing I did do wrong was I didn’t introduce myself. But that was minor. They only blunder that I know may have shown was, when I was going through Oprah’s media empire, in case you didn’t know I did my presentation on Oprah, and when it came to the movie Beloved, I was supposed to say, the feature film directed by Jonathan Demme and based on her favorite Novel by Toni Morrison, well I went blank and thank god for graphics. I had a big image of the beloved poster on the screen and I saw Danny Glover name and said, yeah that’s it, Danny Glover, well to myself, and said the feature film Beloved staring Danny Glover. And when I get nervous I don’t’ speak loud, which I don’t do anyway, but everyone I know in class said I did well but you know we’re our worst critic. But the topper for the evening was 5 of us in class did Oprah, and this is out of 19, so a fifth of the class did.

That was my night; I came and checked my mail and all my yahoo groups mail got bounced, meaning I didn’t get any. I had none in that email account, so no porn for me last night, so I fixed it (I know I did because it started rolling in this am), and I just went and got in bed and watched the first two episodes of Murphy Brown, which I bought yesterday. The First season came out on DVD, and I love that show so I bought it. My Denver guy called me last night but I left my phone in the car, a little disappointed I didn’t get to talk to him but hopefully I will today. I will do a whole blog on that soon. Let you all know a little about him. I’m not sure anyone is reading this but this is fun to write for me.

Well that was my day, and I swear I didn’t make anything up. I really should write sitcoms with all this stuff. But oh well, hey if anyone is reading this out there post a comment on my site, telling me anything, howdy, this sucks, I don’t believe your story, just let me know I’m not talking to myself. DAMN this is a long blog; well I guess I’ve made up for missing a while. BTW NEW West Wing tonight, Can’t wait! Cya studs