Hey everyone,

I have my test in advertising tonight and I hope I do well. This test is supposed to be a big one. It covers everything. But I’ve studied a lot and know a lot, but who knows.. I can drop one test so we shall see. I’m talking to my friend David in DC and he has a bodybuilding friend that may help me with my work out. I hope he does, I’m still a little pissed about my workout partner bailing on me. He’s a good guy but glad he bailed now rather then later. We talk but he’s working and school and even joined another gym and still hasn’t gone. I don’t think he’s ready to commit to working out. I’m so ready, and I am going to swim and do cardio tonight, even though I don’t want too I’m going to push myself. It’s about time I got the body I want rather then sit back and be lazy. I just wish I had a partner to work out with. It would be so cool to have one that goes to GSU and we could go 3-4 times a week and push each other. I was hoping I’d have that which Chris but nope. If there is anyone out there reading this and going to GSU and would like a work out partner. Let me know! So far I’ve just started and have done cardio and we’ve evaluated me on the machines, when I finally get a work out I’ll post it here. I also swim, I love doing laps and will hopefully get on a masters team sometime and swim.

I also finally got meds for my sinuses last night. They have driven me crazy for months, but they were $90 for them, DAMN, but I will say they haven’t bothered me much today and it maybe worth it.

I have to go suit shopping too, I hate that I have to get one right now, I mean I wish I had time to work out and get in shape. I went shopping the other day at lunch and I swear I looked like a stuffed sausage. I remember when I was younger and I would wear double breasted suits and look good, now I tired a 3 button and it didn’t fit, and guess will have to get the two button ones. Can you tell it’s a down day today? Yeah, I don’t know what’s up today, just feeling blah, I guess I just need to branch out and find some more friends. I have 5 main ones but I can always use more.

I have the desire to work out but I gotta follow through. I’ve mentioned before that if I had the time I would bodybuild, but I don’t have 3 to 4 hours a day to work out. Also I’m not sure how my gout would be affected by that. I know, it’s one of those dreams that will prob stay that way but I do plan to work out and get some muscle going. I see the guys at the rec center and most look good, oh, story from the locker room. I went Monday with my trainer and when I got done there were a bunch of for a lack of better word, frat boys, more like frat boy rejects if you ask me. But they were talking and one mentioned that he had stories to tell about the weekend and wouldn’t because, I think he gestured to me, but he went on to tell the story of the girl at the party trying to get laid and how everyone turned her down and said the one guy, who he said was attractive but followed up quickly by the I’m not gay, didn’t want to have sex the and the whole 9 yards, I’ll spare you the details he said, but if you’ve read my blog you know the story of the dudes in the pool and the one who said your hair is str8 like your sexual orientation, I swear this was the same dude. He sounded just like him. WE have plenty of dorks. Also I saw the hottest boy next door guy in the gym, but he wore a W in 04 t shirt, oh well, he’s young!

Ok I guess that’s all; come on guys post comments, let me know someone is reading this