Hey guys,

I know it’s been a while but life has been kicking my butt. I started back to school and I have had one thing after another. Tests, papers, speeches, and god knows what else is around the bend. Let’s catch you up on what’s going on with me. Hmmm. When I last left you I was talking about the west wing, and the jury is still out on whether I’ll like this season or not, but hey I’m still watching so it can’t be that bad.

School, damn this semesters is rough. I’m taking three classes and my one communications class is killing me. Every week there is some labor intensive project or test to do, it’s driving me crazy, read 4 chapters one week and take a test the following. Which sucks, I am taking two major classes, Advertising and International marketing and I haven’t devoted enough time to those classes. I have my first advertising test this week and International marketing next week. And another communications test, go figure, we have 5 in the entire semester and we’ll be over half way done. So I’ll keep you posted on my classes, ARGH

What else is going on, I started to work out and go to my trainer every Monday. I really like it so far, my work out partner bailed on me so I’m going it alone. I have to start going during the week and doing it, I have the visual of the body I want I just have to make it happen. I think I can accomplish it and maybe I’ll post pics of my progress. Not to mention there are some good looking guys at the Rec center at GSU.

Ok, now for breaking news, the terminally single guy is interested in someone. Yeah it’s true, BUT, you know there’s always a but, he lives 2,000 miles away. Isn’t that the case, oh well, I try to talk to him online and the phone but I’m not putting the cart in front of the horse until I spend more time so I’m not taken just yet. But he’s one of the few people I have “liked” in a long time. Its hard to open up to people for me and I’m doing it and he’s so easy to talk to.

Ok, many of you know about my web site. Well I’m debating doing a full fledged site or what I initially hoped doing reviews. I think I should stick to the underwear review and not focus on a Sean Cody or Amateur Straight Guys type site. But I do have a model and will try to get more guys on the site. And make it a good gear site. If you know anyone who wants to model, let me know, I need models. I want to go pg-13 pics of guys in gear. Not sure I’m ready to be the Larry Flint of gear just yet. I just need help with the site but I’ve not found a suitable assistant web master.

Well that’s a good update so far, I need to write in here, I love to pour things out and it’s very therapeutic for me. So post comments, email me and what ever else you want. Have a great week!