Ok its FRIDAY, thank god. This has been a crazy week. I started my, non-trainer work outs last night. I did the bike and cardio for 40 mins and swam for 30-40 mins. Which probably did me good? But I still have water in my ears this morning, which is driving me crazy; I guess I’ll have to go get some earplugs. It has been bothering me off and on getting water stuck in my ears. But I after my Advertising class, I went to work out, which the test wasn’t as bad as I had heard, but I’m sure there were people who were like “What the F*ck?” it was very in-depth and went into detail.

But I was supposed to meet a guy I’ve been talking to online, he lives in Carrollton and just graduated college. He had to play for a recital or something and said he could meet me around 9:30 at of all places Wal-Mart, well I called him when I got out of the gym around 8:45 or so, and then called him when I got there. I was bored so I went into Wal-Mart, which I HATE, but what else you going to do when you’re waiting for someone in the parking lot? I did find a cell phone belt clip case like I had been looking for, for 9 bucks, and they have the FM transmitter that you plug into an iPod or CD player and not have to use the cassette adapter. Which mine keeps kicking out, and Atlanta RADIO SUCKS, so I gotta get my CD player working in my car. But the guy didn’t show up and it was 9:45 and called and said I was going home. He called me like 5-10 after I left and said he was walking out the door then, and I have to be up at work at 5 AM so I was like it will take you 40 mins to get here and I gotta be in bed man, it’ll have to be another time. But I missed doing lunch with him earlier in the week so I’m not mad, was just tired last night.

Oh well, but I just ordered the DVD of the Complete Series of “Buck Rogers” I loved that show when I was younger and Gil Gerard was so hot in it. I can’t wait to get it, but I’m still into through the First Season of Las Vegas, which I have seen most of them and the “Murphy Brown” First Season I got the other day, I love that show, it’s amazing how the shows look 15 years or more later. Some of the stuff on Murphy Brown is so 80’s, since it started in 1988. This is another show that I missed a lot of because I was in school; I caught the second half of the first season.

Ok I didn’t do anything about West Wing yesterday but here we go, what’s up with Abby? First of all they are making Stockard Channing look like she’s 20 years older with that haircut, and the constant “Where is my husband” and the MS thing is just getting out of hand. Just me but I don’t like the direction they are taking her character. And they have started alternating the West wing and the campaigns. Which I’m still not sold on but I think it will grow on me. I’m wondering when they will bring Josh and Donna back together, cause we all know that the VP won’t make the cut in the Primaries.

FYI note, Survivor starts back next week, yeah I know it’s my guilty TV pleasure and the Survivor: Outback DVD is out April 18, so I’m ready! OK I’ve written more then I planned to for this entry, I was jut going to write a little but now I’ve just rambled on. Will have to write about my favorite site, Amateur Straight Guys later, that site ROCKS!