Ok, I know I haven’t written in a while, not that many folks read this, or do any? Hmm I don’t know but I’ve had a crappy week. Arguments with family and the whole rethinking the living situation and an ambiguous date. This week is my spring break and it’s supposed to be relaxing and enjoyable but it’s been anything but… But I’m thinking of moving in with my friends J & B, I think it’s time to make the change, we just gotta figure out money, which I don’t have a lot of.

If any of you know me you know I was very excited with my date with W, no not the president. Well he came to town and it was weird, have you ever had one of those dates where you don’t know how it went. It had moments of being good and others of being bad? That was my date. Things did turn up, we took a pic together, he invited me to visit him, and he called me cowboy when I left, so those are all good things. I hopefully will see him online today and talk. I sent him an email and the pic of us together. I”ll keep you posted on it…

Moving on, but this whole experience with W has made me realize that I’ve been holding myself back for so long about dating. I’m not the kind of person who has to date someone to be happy, In the words of Whitney Houston, who should follow the advice of her own song “I’d rather be a lone then unhappy.” I have known many gay couples who are just not happy together, and they just stay I don’t get it, even with a house and stuff together I’d rather sell the house and be a good whole person rather then a fragmented one. I’m not the typical gay guy on relationships, which brings me to the reason for this blog entry, my philosophy on dating.

Well, I think too many guys go into dating with their little heads rather then the big head. Most guys I know go straight for the physical rather then the mental. I’m much more a mental person, I like a guy I can talk to and if he can make me laugh as is a quick witted as I am, he’s so in. I’m a big kid at heart and since I’m 34 I don’t think that will be changing so I’d need a guy who finds that attractive. But back to my philosophy. I think your boyfriend should be one of your best friends. Not your only best friend but one of them. I think you should base the relationship on a strong solid friendship that will grow over time. This also includes the dreaded M word in the gay world. MONOGOMY. I just don’t get the whole open relationship thing, I’m not knocking it to guys who do it and it works but I don’t want it. I’m selfish with my man and don’t’ like to share him. And the main reason its good is there is too much stuff going around, HIV, STD’s and the like and more and more resistant ones are being found, so I just want one to not worry about getting anything from. But moving on, I also like a man who’s not codependent, there is nothing I can stand less then a guy who can’t be on his own. I like an independent man, one where we can both have out own lives and interests and do them away from each other but also share our lives. I’ve never been a jealous guy, I like for my guy to have a life and friends outside of me, and I think it’s good to spend time apart, because not matter how much alike you are there are always things you like to do that your partner will hate and why should you give them up completely once you date? I mean you won’t do them all the time but you should be able to do them from time to time. For example if you like hiking or camping you should be able to go. Also there are things you do with your friends you may not like or your bf may have friends you don’t like, I’ve never told anyone who they could be friends with and if there are no issues, such as trust, lies being told or being bitchy, I won’t mind who he’s friends with. And they should spend time together.

I hope this makes sense, I’m going on little sleep and prob not making sense. But oh well. I’ve been reading other blogs and one guy who has impressed me is Boy Briefs. He’s one of a few people thinking of giving up blogging, but he’s changed his life, I thought he was a circuit guy and all that goes with it, but with his last few entries, he seems like a nice guy. Not to mention he has a thing for undies too, I need to email him. He lives in ATL as well. I’ve been reading a few others and maybe mine will catch on soon. I gotta write more in this thing.

As for shows, I’ve been watching but not writing, I taped (no Tivo yet) West Wing last night and survivor tonight. I did go undie shopping Tues night to do some retail therapy, got some great ones at Ross. A thong, bikini, brief and tight boxer brief, yeah I said it, I’m trying it.

Oh well, I’m out here in the north 40 talking to myself as usual!
Have a great one