Ok, I finally got finished watching the new Poseidon Adventure on NBC that I taped, yeah I taped it, not in the Tivo generation yet. I’m still on the A/V limited access road rather then the information super highway. One thing you should know is that I love 70’s disaster flicks. Airport, all four movies, Towering Inferno, and Earthquake. I had my reservations about the redo of one of the most classic disaster films of all time. The original had a great cast, Gene Hackman, Shelley Winters, Leslie Neilson, Earnest Borgnine, Red Buttons, Roddy McDowell and Jack Albertson. Compare this to the new cast Adam Baldwin, Ruetger Hower, Steve Goutenberg, and C. Thomas Howell. Not exactly a step up from the original cast.

Moving on to the plot, well the original is set on New Years eve, when a tidal wave comes and capsizes the ship, and they have to race up through the ship and the obstacles they encounter. Who could forget the “Manny!” screams for Shelley Winters. But the new version had, instead of a tidal wave, terrorist plant bombs on the ship and explode one and the ship capsizes. Now, forget all about the characters in the original. We have a dysfunctional family and the affair the father has with a waitress, the bishop and the Shelley Winters character.

Well continuing on the plot. This plot had to been the worst for a remake. You know there are two philosophies for doing a remake. 1. Either make it better then the original, which happens from time to time, sorta like Oceans 11. 2. Make it campy as hell. Best example of this is the Brady Bunch. This did neither. This would be making Lord of the Rings with the cast of any WB comedy. Just wouldn’t work.

I can’t believe I actually taped it and watched it. Will I ever learn? I should know better then watch a Made for TV movie. If I want Drama I should go tune in Lifetime, at least they know drama.