Ok I make no excuses for me liking thongs. I think they are sexy, others do, so I say to each their own. But the day started off with me reading my blogs and on the Towleroad. They have a top story the Marquette University lacrosse team was suspended from campus due to hazing that happened with thongs, beer and bongs. Yes that’s right str8 boys in thongs. Below is a pic that was posted on the net from the alleged “hazing”


Why is it that I have found tons of pics of str8 frat boys in thongs? Hmm kinda makes you wonder. Mainly the pics are at parties and such but still, where are the boys getting the thongs. Some are women’s thongs that they got from friends but some are men’s thongs and you just don’t see many frat boys going to buy thongs. But here are a few more pics of str8 guys in thongs.


This was just the start of the day, that would have thongs at the center front of my day. Well I was on aol bored and chatting, and ran across one guy who had pics in thongs. He’s a bi guy and the same guy in Gwinnett that took pics of me years ago took pics of him. I noticed the same kitchen and headboard on the bed. So we chatted for a bit and he has the butt for a thong. Then he stopped talking. Figures with online chat sometime. But hey got to check out some nice pics.

Then another guy I talked to about a year ago sent me a message about what he did in his thong that I convinced him to buy last year. I haven’t met him but he told me some interesting things, that his massage therapist did after the massage, you don’t have to have too much imagination to realize what happened.


So it’s been a very interesting day so far, never guessed today would be a thong day rather then turkey day! Kidna interesting if you ask me. Hope to see more thongs around!