OK, I know I’ve promised a graduation posting, that was supposed to have been posted last weekend. Well I have actually cropped the pics and know basically what I’m going to talk about. But hopefully tomorrow. As you know from the post yesterday, I have moved HGOTW to Sunday’s now. Fridays is just too hard with the new job to get it all together and posted. I work last both Thrus and Fri and am too tired to do it. I hopefully will get it posted Saturday but Sunday by the latest. Also on the podcast update, I promised to do one this week but I had a busy week as well. Everyone I know that I haven’t spent time with over the last few months, I did something last week and this weekend. I have a great story about the weekend, and will post it over the week. I had and AWESOME weekend. But I’ll get to that. But this post is a quick post on an update and somethings that have happened/will happen soon!

Apple opened a new kick ass store on 5th Ave in NYC. The pic above is taken from their web site and shows the entrance. The glass box is the entrance and the store is below it and opened 24/7 365 a year! I know I have friends who call the Banana Republic store the mothership for them, this is my mothership in NYC, the next time I go, I’m def checking it out! They said there were like 3 hour waits this week to get in the store. It’s so cool! You have to admit Apple has style!

YES SHES BACK! I can’t wait, Kathy Griffin is back for another season of My Life on the D list. I think she’s awesome and can’t wait. June 6th it starts and I hope they put the show out on DVD after this season. She cracks me up. Her special “Angry Black Woman” was a riot. She will be in Atlanta in October and I”m so going! Can’t miss her show! I’ve seen Margaret Cho, Judy T., and others. I can’t wait for Judy. I also read today that Joan Rivers does new stand up at a club in NYC as well, hmm now that would be something to see.

Ok, this is still a weird concept to me, A wedgie contest for an underwear company. You can go check out the videos on their web site. Being on a Mac I couldn’t see them. But this is the first of many they will have and the dude in the blue briefs won the first round. Go check them out and see more. I think they have some really hot undoes and I don’t know anyone who has bought any, well personally that is. A few bloggers have written about getting pairs. But I’ll keep you posted on them soon!

OK have a great day, I’ll post in the next day or so, my graduation entry, My week/weekend and I’m working on a few others, which right now I forgot, I have to start writing this stuff down. I may have a big announcement this week as well. Not sure yet, but it will premier on here.

OH last thing I have redone my web site, I used to have SpeedoATL9’s Home page, that I hadn’t’ updated in like 3 years or more, I took it down, and I just have the main page up, and will totally redo it and have it back up in a week or so. I think the link is under the profile here on blogger. So check it out and let me know what you think. I have been told by people I need to redo my logo, I may open up a contest to help me design a logo for some undoes or something. If you’re interested contact me and I’ll get a prize up for the interested individuals.

Be good!