IMG_1410me and my dopey smile, i hate it!

Ok, I know this is a late post but I’m still trying to balance work and the hour and thirty minute commute I have to do each way. It will be fine eventually. The job is so demanding and I’m drained at the end of the day but as I get better at it, things will improve. But here goes….

Picture it, Atlanta May 13th, 10 AM, lol well the day started early, I was up at 6 AM and in the shower. I got dressed and we were off. I had to be there at 8:15 AM, so as usually I was running around the house looking for all the stuff I should have laid out the night before. I got the digital cam and remember, I forgot to buy batteries. I was like DOH! Of all days not to have batteries. So we drove in I-75 because they were doing construction on I-20 and I was taking no chances. But on the way I stopped at Publix and got batteries an we stopped at Chik-fil-a and got breakfast. We got down to GSU around 8 AM and I took my folks on a tour of the campus and took them over to where they needed to go to be at the Sports Arena aka Gym.

So I head over and find that they had graduate degrees on one side and bachelors on the other. You wondered around till you found your name on a card on the seat. So I sit down and slowly find folks I know who are graduating. Rashad, someone I’ve had a few classes with was sitting two people down and kept singing “Do it with no hands” and our row that was the running joke all morning. So we sit there for over an hour before we leave. But its good to see all the other people I had class with and are graduating with me.

IMG_1405Banners of the Colleges of GSU

So finally its time to head over to the ceremony. We go in reverse order for some reason, not sure why. But we head over and we’re standing out site the Sports Arena, to go in and I make the comment “Glad we’re not graduating later today it’s supposed to rain” Well someone should have bitch slapped me right there. But we were all so excited to be graduating. So many of us it took forever to get through. And it was kinda surreal. It’s slowly sinking in I’m a college graduate. WHOOO HOOOO!

So we go in and I find my parents. And the ceremony wasn’t as long as I thought it would be. Also there weren’t as many people as I thought would be graduating or there watching. But I guess when you have three ceremonies in a day, it won’t be. It wasn’t as stuffy as I though it would be, it was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed it. But when we were sitting there getting ready they said we had to sing the Alma Mata of the school, we were like, Do we have one? LOL It was in the program, thank god. But the cards we carried had our names. So we lined up and went across the stage and got out names called and our fake diploma handed to us. The real one comes 4 to 6 weeks from graduation.

We got our pics taken when we were handed our diploma and I have to find out about that, I’ll look that up after this. Then we leave and the bottom falls out of the sky. The rain is blowing and its raining like hell. Yeah only at my graduation would it rain when we go in there wasn’t a cloud in the sky!

IMG_1406Yeah is the Monsoon at my Graduation

So we leave and get home and I have a party for some of my friends. I had hoped I would have had more people there but hey I’m in the process of making them. I was a little down that day but now looking back I should have shut up and had fun. But you live you learn. But all my good friends were there. So it was great time.

Then Mike , Todd and myself went to Swinging Richards, the gay strip club and they were and hour late, so I had already gone to the VIP area and had a private dance, yeah I’m trashy LOL, and I literally ran into Leslie Jordan. Go figure! But was a great night.

This is a brief overview of the day! I hope I didn’t leave anything out. If so I’ll write it in another entry.

I’m a college grad! WHOO HOOO!