This was a slow news day today. At work there are two sites I read a lot when I have downtime. They are Yahoo News and New York Post. I love them both. But I was needing a mental break at work and pulled up NY Post and look what I saw. No it’s not the Duke Liar story, look below that “ALERT: Police at Atlanta Airport Uncover Rash of Public Sex Acts”

Ok I’m not one for public sex but the headline makes it seem like there is an orgy going on in the bathrooms at Hartsfield Airport. I mean a full scale alert, wow it has to be really bad.

The basics of the story is that the police at the airport was staking out the bathrooms to nab people stealing bags, but what did they find? Guys blowing each other. They even busted the head of public transportation authority here in it. But, I bet you think the guys just met up, had that eye contact, tapped feet, sang a song, what ever they do these days for that, but no! They, through the wonderment of modern technology, were and are using the wireless internet to post to Craig’s List, they were going to be in the airport at a certain concourse and were looking for fun.

OK my question is, that if you’re having sexy in a airport bathroom, wouldn’t someone notice? I mean it’s not like it’s a deserted bathroom. I’m not big on public sex where you can get busted. 30 People have been arrested in the cases. So if you’re going to the bathroom at Hartsfield, go use the bathroom and leave and unless you want a public indecency, lewd conduct and prob, be named as a sex offender for the rest of your life, might I suggest the Hilton or Marriott, the 100 bucks you’ll spend on a room will be a lot less then the bail, lawyers fees and public embarrassment. Just a thought!

But this is not some rash of public sex going on. I have heard stories about bathrooms in all major airports. I guess it’s the whole thrill and stranger you meet. But I’ll keep you posted if more ALERTS are issued!