Ok, these aren’t the guys I like, but my friend G in Ohio. I harassed him till he did it and here ishis list of guys he likes. I will say he’s good some good taste

Evan Farmer from “While You Were Out”

Frankly I think the show sucks. If someone came into my house, such as it is, went through all my shit, and then painted it (while I was at a second class destination being “filmed” for some paper-thin reason) I’d be pissed. I doubt you can be OCD and on “While You Were Out.” It just seems like a lousy combination. So don’t go volunteering my house for an episode.

But if I came home to Evan, just Evan, well that wouldn’t be all that bad a thing. No paint, no crown molding, no new furniture (ok maybe some new furniture). And I would pick him over Ty Pennington and his much large ratings any day. Why is that show so sugar coated anyway?

Dave Lieberman from the Food Network

Who knew such hotness could be found on the Food Network? For whatever reason, I can see him cooking dinner in the nude. Nothing fried though. Wouldn’t want to burn anything important. And when he got around to dumping you, he could do it over a seven course meal. What’s not to love about that? I have considered quitting my job and following him around the country on the food show circuit. Sounds like fun eh? For those of you who like a man with a brain, Dave when to Yale.

Ben Browder as John Crichton on Farscape

There is a very short list of actors who can convincingly act with Muppets while also being exceedingly handsome. For my money, Ben Browder is at the top of that list. Come to think of it, is there anybody else who could actually be on this list? If Ben can do it wrapped in leather pants and a t-shirt, even better! It is a pity however that in the future and on the other side of the galaxy, people (and for that matter aliens) have not overcome modesty. Why can’t the future be full of guys who look like Ben Browder and feel compelled to wear nothing much more than a pair of briefs? I guess we all have our version (or versions) of the future, all of them more or less idealized. One of my versions of the future is a crew full of scantily clad John Crichtons. Beats the hell out of the Technicolor uniforms on the Enterprise that is for damn sure.

And it doesn’t hurt that Farscape is a great show.

Jamie Bamber as Lee “Apollo” Adama on Battlestar Galactica

You know you have seen “the pics” online. You know, the barely there towel, the ripped body, the just out of the shower dampness. For those of you who have no idea what who I’m talking about (have you been living in a cave?), just go to Google and let them answer your questions. More specifically, let them find an image for you. After all isn’t that what you are really interested in? For those of you who think there should be less clothing in space (see above entry), then that episode is a high water mark, the gold standard, the pinnacle of what man should become, or at the very least what man should look like with his shirt off. In keeping with the guys with brains theme, you should know he went to Cambridge. Bamber is frackin’ hot!