This past weekend, I went camping. I had a good time but it was also a wierd time as well. I went to Lumber Jacks in Uniadilla, GA. Which was a great campground. When I go camping I have a tent and use it, because A. It’s Cheaper and B. it’s paid for so I guess its the same reason.

This was a slow weekend at the campground. I would say there was prob 50 people total. I wanted to get a big group to go, but with no internet for a month, that made it a little hard to get in touch with folks. you know you don’t know how much you use the internet till you don’t get to use it. But me and a friend shared my tent. And two others got a cabin.

We drove down on Friday and go there late. Which if you’ve ever put a tent up after dark, you know what a pain it is. Well one of the other people camping, there were 5 of us in the tent area. I knew the one guy and he loaned us some lights and we got the tent up. But what we didn’t know was that we put the tent on top of an Ant mound and all weekend ants kept crawling on the tent. But we didn’t find this out till we took the tent down.

But back to my story, so we planned this over a month ago and I made sure it wasn’t some out there weekend, so after I checked the schedule, and saw nothing I thought it would be a good weekend. But as it turned out, it was Country Western Weekend. I wish there had been more people, I really liked the campground, all tent sites had power, ample bathrooms, big pool, great bar/dance floor and a good restaurant. I have to go back on a busier weekend.

But here is where the weird part kicks in. Well my friends who stayed in the cabin, well they brought their sling and well need I say more. We know what happens next. But across the way from them they had a guy who drank beer chained smoked and just sat on the steps of the cabin or the back of his truck and just watched. Was kinda weird. he had a big rebel flag on the back of his truck then he played some very racist songs, which I didn’t know were still in existence, It was later found out he had a GF at home and come I guess to get his freak on. Just makes you wonder at times. But I found he came over and participated in the sling action. Oh funny story here, I went over to see them and see if they wanted to get lunch on the way home and they were going at it in the sling.

Also, one other thing, you know I plan to go camping in one of the worst droughts in GA and what happens, it rains! LOL Just figures!