The weekend before Halloween I went to Joe’s on Juniper, a restaurant here in Atlanta, to meet up with some local guys from Gear If you’re not familiar with Gear Fetish it’s a site dedicated to all things gear. From Leather, Spandex, Football, Baseball, Motorcycle, Speedos, underwear and more. Any type of gear you’re into they have a category for it and guys into it.

Last year they had a get together at Halloween time as well but I couldn’t make it and this time I made sure I could go. It was a great idea to have it at Halloween, when you could go out in gear and no one think anything of it. About 12 guys showed up. Two of them the owners of Gear Fetish. We had a good dinnLinker and would great to meet some local gear guys. As you know I am into gear. I love underwear, speedos, spandex, and have baseball. I got some new gear too, a pair of shoulder pads and official pair of UNC Tarheels football pants. I’ve always wanted football gear but never had a chance to get it.

After chatting one night with a guy on Gear Fetish he told me about a site and out of boredom really, I checked it out. They had a clearance section and when I looked in it, they had shoulder pads my size, lol big boy size, for $37 bucks. I kid you not! I was like NO WAY, they were a deal too good to pass up. So I ordered them and had them shipped to a friend. I live with family so it would be a little weird to have them come here and have them open it and say “Why do you have these?” LOL And the same time I was on Ebay and got a pair of UNC pants, the official pants they were. I have always liked the UNC uniform and now if I can find a jersey, and unsure about a football helmet. The ones I have priced have been over 200 bucks. I may just get another uniform, some of the bigger teams you can find an official helmet for about $150.

Well I got my gear, but one thing about the pants they are a bit too small. Which is a good thing, i have wanted to loose some weight and I think they will bit after i loose a bit too. But the shoulder pads fit pretty well. I love them. I’m very glad I got them.

Opps I forgot I was supposed to be talking about the Gear Fetish night. Well diner was good, and pretty low key, the only thing I didn’t like was the restaurant was kinda noisy. And the table was a little big and one end couldn’t talk to the other. But that was the only thing that was bad. I met some great guys and they are talking about a New years party. I’ve also brought up doing a movie dinner night and I just need to run it by some guys on the site. I will keep you posted!

I know what you’re thinking, after I loose some weight I’m going to post some pics of me in my football gear on Gearfetish! So stay tuned!