Ok, I’ve been meaning to write this for some time and I am finally getting around to it. This deals with Earthlink. And I’ve heard much from people about Earthlink and most feel its going down hill fast.

Let me preface this by staying I have been a customer since 1999. I had recommended Earthlink to all my friends and had incredible customer service and tech support. Every time something happened they got it done in a day or two. But that was all about to change…. Here is the time line

  • Thursday, September 6t h 10:00 PM – I got home and the DSL was not working, this was around 10 PM, and I figured it was acting up and would be up in the morning. So I sent to bed
  • Friday, September 7th 7:00 AM– I got up and the DSL was still down. I turned off and back on the modem, still nothing, and then I reset the modem and nothing. I didn’t have time to call tech support so I left for work
  • Friday, September 7th – 6:00 PM – Called Tech support, and was on hold for an hour. I finally got someone on the phone and they said they would check the line and call me back by 10 AM Saturday morning
  • Saturday, September 8th – 1:00 PM – Called to get an update, was on hold for another hour and the tech support person said they would call me back in 5-10 minutes
  • Saturday, September 8th – 4:00 PM – Called tech support back and was on hold for an hour, then when I got someone, I had to be transferred and then they put me on hold for 30 minutes and got disconnected, before I could be given the update. During this time, a technician was scheduled unbeknownst to me.
  • Saturday, September 8th – 5:30 PM – called tech support back after getting put on hold. Told the initial person answering the phone I didn’t want to be put on hold, I wanted to talk to a supervisor and wanted to know a status now. This time I was on hold for over an hour and a half and when the person answering the phone, I requested a supervisor, and they said none was available and they would call me back in 30 Minutes.
  • Saturday, September 8th, 10:00 PM – called customer serviced, and told them I wanted dial up fee waived and was transferred to the wrong department.
  • Sunday, September 9th, 9:30 AM – called and demanded to speak to a tech support supervisor, and was on hold for another 30 mins. I was then told I have a tech coming to my house on Thursday. I requested one Monday, but was told the only available time was Thursday.
  • Monday, September 9th – 10:30 AM – Online chat via Earthlink’s site, asked about my status of my ticket and they said they were unable to give me one since it was done through another department.
  • Monday, September 9th – 3:30 PM – tried to call and get an update, got a message that there was a major outage in the Atlanta area and couldn’t talk to an individual.
  • Tuesday, September 10th. 7:00 PM – Called tech support and they were supposed to call me back about when the tech and was told they would call me back. No call returned
  • Tuesday, September 10th – 9:30 PM – called to talk about tech and no tech had been dispatched. Was told I would be a priority when the tech came on Thursday. Given the Priority tech support numbed but not given a pin to actually talk to a person. Was transferred to customer service where I was going to cancel my account but a credit was given and was convinced to wait till the tech got there. I told them by Noon on Wednesday my internet had better work or I would be going with another provider. A person did finally call me back after talking to tech support.
  • Wednesday, September 11th – 9:25 AM – called for status, no update was given
  • Wednesday, September 11th – around 11:00 AM – tech was at the house, internet was up for about 15 minutes and went back down.
  • Wednesday, September 11th. – 7:00 PM – called customer service to move my account to dial up till a new provider could be installed. Was transferred to TRON support and was told they would fix what ever was wrong with my account. I talked to a person and they said they didn’t have the notes from the tech from the morning. Then call was returned by 8:30 PM and was on hold for 13 minutes, and was told I needed a new modem, and then a loop connection and they basically didn’t know what was wrong and kept saying things that were going to cost me more money. I told them I didn’t want a new modem, mine worked fine and was only 2 months old. I paid $79 for it and the problem was in the line. This was not the first time this had happened. At this point I was fed up. I transferred back to customer service and terminated my DSL immediately and switched to dial up.

You think it ended there, oh no, I called them at the end of October to terminate the dial up account and noticed on the invoice they sent they had not done any credits for the DSL, I called them and had to go through so they charged me for the whole month of DSL when I got to use two days. I am checking my statement to see if it was actually done. Then they wouldn’t carry over the credits I had to the dial up. But I figure if 10 bucks was all I had to pay then ok.

The part that pisses me off the most is they use to be a great company. I’m not sure what has happened to them. I never had problems and things were fixed in a day or two. The customer service is based in the Philippians and Tech support is in India and no one wants to get you a supervisor. I talked to a few people and they speculate the future of Earthlink, but it shows you, you can be an awesome company and if you don’ manage things you can go down hill quick. I hope they make a turn around and get their act together, if they do, I really would go back with them. But one of the last things they said was you can keep your email for 3 bucks a month, and had it been earlier in the discussion I would have done it, because changing an email you’ve had for 9 years is a pain and by that point everything had been changed over.

Hopefully no more drama will ensue with the new internet, but I have my mail set up through gmail and if I change providers I won’t have to worry about it again.