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TS Episode 19 – Um, so, um

Enjoy! — Timothy M Gol

Even though it says 18 on iTunes

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New Years is Over and I”m back talking away. I go more into detail about what I’ve been doing, New Years, Dance lessons, Trivia, Dinner with the orgy shower! I’ve also been a blogging fool, three weeks and a post every day! DRAMA DRAMA – eBay account hacked and a hardware failure.

Dating Corner
The one that wasn’t to be, but I do it anyway, first dates and not calling back. How Rude!

WORLD OF ENTERTAINMENT – It’s a Project Runway throw down and H. R Puffin Stuffs dresser has to go along with Cry baby. American Gladiator is some serious eyecandy and that’s the competitors, Presidential crap, Survivor, Law & Order and TV Guide. I saw a movie, Sweeney Todd, and AVP2 WTF? Dean and Lee, go check them out and Christmas CD’s a plenty!

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