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In the continuing series of podcasts I listen to, I’m spotlighting Ramble Redhead. The Ramble Redhead show is an interview show highlighting members of the GLBT community. Which I will say that he’s a very good interviewer. I would have never thought of doing an interview show, but he said on one of his first shows he interviewed a couple that has been together for a while and it sorta progressed from there.

Which is a great thing, I’m still trying to find my groove and I will in time. But he’s interviewed quite a few other podcasters, everyone from Pod is My CoPilot, Q Cast. He also has interviewed Kate Clinton and cast members from Naked Boys singing. So you never know who he will have on that week.

I said above he’s a great interviewer and when he was interviewing Zach Toczynski, I was thinking he’s the gay Barbara Walters, and right after that he said it. LOL It really made me laugh. And on several podcasts he’s actually asked the questions I was thinking and would have asked had I been doing the interview.

Tom has also been on the Archer show and is a frequent message leaver on other podcasts. And I’m not posting this because I won part of his listener contest either. I won a movie, which is so cool! I was planning him and next up will be Omar, a local Atlanta Podcaster!

So give Tom a listen and I’m sure you will be entertained. I always look forward to the new episodes! And when you listen tell him I sent you!

Correction: The Q Cast boys haven’t been on yet, I thought the had