Ok you know i love all things underwear and I thought I would give you some great gift ideas for Valentines Day, and of course it’s all undies. You can buy them for your man or yourself. That is if you’re like me. But one thing you may consider, and I highly recommend it, is buy you and your man the same pair of undies and wear them out to dinner then come home for some good times. If you do, let me know how it goes, hey I need some excitement

All pricing and pics is from the Men’s Underwear Store!

Diesel Ums Lukey Brief – Red – $28.00. (right)
You need something red on valentines day and get these hot Diesel briefs, and I’m sure you will set your man on fire!

Mundo Unico Classic Suspensor – Red – $15.50 (left)
If you’ve read the blog for any time you know I LOVE Unico, and nothing fits better. I also like how they show everything off. They just fit awesome and made for men with a little extra in the front.

Papi Cool Jersey 2 Jock – Intensity Red – $14.00 (right)
Ok, we can’t have an underwear post and not have a jock. And of course you have to have a red one. If you’ve never tried a fashion jock you should. They aren’t the Bike jock, they are made from softer material and fit great. Also would be great for a boyfriend who likes to work out. He can wear it to the gym as well!

N2N Bodywear Brushed Tactel Thong – Black – $14.00 (left)
Yeah, I like thongs, and I think I’m one of the few guys that do, well I think I am. But N2N is one of the great newer companies doing a lot of new and innovative designs. They sell everything from thongs to loungewear. I”m more then sure this thong will fit like no other. If you have an adventurous boyfriend get him one of these

Frank Dandy Gallichi Low Rise Brief – Red – $22.00 (right)
OK these undies are pretty damn cool. I Love the design and the style, yeah it makes me want to go work out so I can wear this stuff again and look hot in them. Now if I came home and saw my man, walking around the house in these, I would go nuts. They are just pure fun!

C-IN2 Bamboo Slider Brief – Black – $19.50(left)
If you’ve read the blog for a while, you know I got a pair of these a while back and love them. At first I wasn’t impressed but after wearing them for a day, I understood why they were in such demand. They have the trophy shelf pouch, that really puts your stuff out on display, more so then the Unico. But they come in many colors and you can get them in trunks, jocks and briefs.

Go Softwear Natural Boy Brief – Hemp – $26.00 (right)
These just look cool. They are environmentally friendly too, since they are made out of Hemp. Which seems to be a trend in undies, like the Bamboo Briefs from C-IN2. I”m not sure how they fit but if you have a boyfriend big into the environment, this could be your way to help stay green and have fun in the bedroom after.

JM Natura Fitted Brief – White – $19.00 (left)
I love the pouch on these, and these would be good for a boyfriend that isn’t very adventurous with his undies. If he’s a tighty whitie guy and likes that, this could be a good way to get him to break out of his box, one step at a time. JM is pretty comfortable and I don’t think he would mind trying these out.

I hope you get some ideas and you still have time to order online. Or if you’re in a major city, you can always find these at a local retailer. Enjoy Valentines Day and wear something sexy for your man, or if you’re single yourself