I was watching the SEC Swimming and Diving meet on Fox Sports South today. And I have noticed something. Virtually none of the swimmers were wearing speedos. This for some of you may not be anything to take concern about, but for me I was like DAMN!

Most of them are wearing the Jammers, which are like the bike short type, or even more were wearing the full body suits. Which in the whole scope of things, still is hot to me, but for me, who came to love seeing swimmers in speedos, its like the end of an era.

I remember watching the Summer Olympics of 84 and 88 and lusting after the swimmers. I would make a point to watch the swimming. Granted the divers and water polo teams are still wearing speedos. So I’m still covered. I noticed all of the divers today were wearing speedos. Which is a very good thing.

I understand why the swimmers are wearing the jammers or full bodysuits, they make them faster in the water and with the technology, a second off your time is the difference between first and fourth places. I’m glad I still love guys in spandex as well. So I”m still covered and will continue to watch.

So this August when the Olympics start back up, I am watching the swimming, not because the speedos but for the Hottie McHot, Michael Phelps. I still think he’s one of the hottest swimmers out there. I know he’s not drop dead gorgeous but there is something about him that I love. And I hope he breaks a few world records while he’s at it.

My main focus will be on the divers and water polo teams. From my reasoning in both sports its the best thing to wear. Drivers need the agility and freedom of movement a speedo gives. Imagine diving and wearing board shorts, the drag and the possibility of getting caught up is greater.

While in Water Polo, if you wore shorts, it would be easy for your opponents to grab them and yank them down. Which I hear they do with speedos but it takes much more effort to yank a speedo off then board shorts. Trust me I know all too well. And I”m not sure Jammers would be good for treading water.

Well that’s my take, and I will keep you updated on any hot swimmers from the SEC or the Olympics!