Love Boat Season 1 Part 2

The second part of the first season will be out August 12! As many of you know I’ve been anxiously awaiting this. And I hope future seasons will be put out as entire sets rather then two separate parts. But we will see. is reporting one of the original movies that came out in 1977. Which features the entire cast. I”m looking forward to this and I will have it on DVD on the 12th.

Samantha Who? – Season 1

One of my new favorite shows this season is Samantha Who?, which I love. It has been one of the few break out shows of this year. With Gene Smart as the mother it makes it so funny. Plus I have always thought Christina Applegate had great comedic talent. And we have the exact same birthday, off by a year I think. This set comes out on September 23rd! Which is one I def want to own because I have really enjoyed watching it this year.

Ugly Betty – Season 2

Are you ready for Betty? I think the second season has really lived up to the first. You know sometimes when a new show comes out, it can really go down hill on the second year. But I think Ugly Betty grew and kept up the charm from the first season. With more Amanda and Mark, and the whole Gene Simmons as Amanda’s farther was awesome. I don’t know what extras there are yet but again, another one that is a must this year.

Weeds – Season 3

Weeds is back and if you saw last seasons ending you know that it was one of the best cliffhangers I’ve seen in a while. At the end of last season, the Husband had been shot and presumed killed, while the son was stopped for stealing signs and the weed that was to be sold was all in the back. Unfortunately I don’t have Showtime and didn’t see this season. But this season puts Mary Kate Olsen in as the girlfriend and I’m sure more will happen this season. If you’ve seen it don’t spoil it!

Crossing Jordan – Season 1

This is one release that is way over due. I loved Crossing Jordan when it was on. I especially loved the cross over with Las Vegas. Now that both shows are gone its good you can now watch both parts, once those seasons comes out. If you haven’t seen it, it stars Jill Hennesey as a corner in Boston who has unconventional ways to solve crimes/murders. Which may sound morbid but it’s one show that had great writing and was created by Tim Kring who created Heroes. It’s out this Tuesday and I look forward to picking it up. Sales will be out tomorrow and I will own it Tuesday!.