iTunes Genius feature

Ok, first off I have to smack Apple for crashing my computer again, which it always does when I have to upgrade QuickTime. But the next day I update to the new iTunes 8 and want to see the new Genius feature. So it’s installed and I’m checking out the new layout, which I love, especially for podcasts, and the Genius feature was down. Which I was bumed about. But later around 11 PM EST, it was up and I clicked George Michael “Amazing” and it gave me a really good play list. I was really impressed.

But before I start, once you have the new iTunes in you have to opt in to the Genius feature. It collects and sends all the information about your library to iTunes and uses that to create the play lists and runs it through some algorythm.

But I am enjoying the new iTunes, last time with iTunes 7 I couldn’t play some of my videos but I think they have done something right.