Xanadu the Musical

Well, the one Musical I wanted to see will close today after the 3 PM show. I REALLY wanted to see Xanadu. But as I heard on QCast, and then investigated on Playbill, that indeed the show was closing. Two weeks earlier then reported, they said it was due to economic issues and they hoped they wouldn’t loose any more money.

I bought the sound track from PS Classics. Which I instantly fell in love with. I figured it would be around till I got back up there. But as you can tell I am wrong. So if you’re one of the lucky ones who have seen it, I’m jealous. I’ll have to get my iPod out and pretend I was there.

The only bright side is that it’s going to tour and I will see it when it’s here! But it still won’t be the same, as the original cast.