In this election year, I’m watching another election, well actually two different ones. The releection of President Bartlett and President elect Santos. Yeah, I’m talking about the West Wing. I loved this show when it was on, If you go into this blog you will see posts I did while it was on the air. I have the entire series on DVD and am going to rewatch the series. So far I’m on Season one.

I will go back and watch series that I like over and over. I really miss this show. I think had they given it an 8th season with Jimmy Smits as President Santos, it would have given the show a new boost and maybe a few more seasons. But we’ll never know now.

The job front is non exsistant and having drama with unemployment, but I keep plugging away. Luckily I have a few friends who are my cheerleaders and when I get down they pick me up and I thank them very much for that every day.