Ok, I was watching the Today show and the Muppets took over the show. They made an Al, Meredith, Matt, Ann and Willard. It was prety awesome. You ask why they did this, well FAO Schwarz is selling Muppet Whatnots. You ask what is a what not? Well its all the Muppet Extras you see in all the Muppet show. The background Charaters as it was. But the best thing is the Whatnots are real Muppets! Meaning they are puppets. I SO WANT ONE! BAD! I have made one online and here it is:

You can choose from three body types, and numerous noses, then you choose the hair, eyes and clothing. I choose the orange, with the round orange nose, the glasses, pompadour hair and lounge jacket. He is so awesome. I want him, I want him LOL The birthday is coming up! HINT HING