The Best

James Bond Movie – After the last one, I was so ready for this! And to me it didn’t disappoint! Well other then Daniel Craig not being in a swim suit or naked, but the story was good and loved the action. I can’t wait for the next one.

Obama Winning – What can I say that hasn’t been said, we get rid of 16 years of Clinton/Bush and have a new start. The whole clinton/bush feud was getting old. We need someone. My main reason for my excitement is maybe I’ll get a job! WHOO HOO, I”m tired of being home

Tina Fey as Palin – OMG whats not to love about this. I’m not a big fan of 30 Rock or a lot of what SNL does but, when she was Palin, it was the best. I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time at SNL. She was spot on. I posted a lot of the videos on the blog, and “Can I have a life line” was the best.

MILK – I never thought I’d see a major movie about Harvey Milk. Who I will say has been one of the most influential people in gay history. He was the first openly gay elected official. The only thing that I know I’ll be pissed about is his killer got off with the Twinkie Defense. He ate too much junk food that caused him to go crazy. I know I will be PISSED off at this. I saw the documentary a few years ago and it always makes me mad at that point. But I will get off my soap box.

Iron man – About time we had a really good Comic Book movie that us non comic folks can follow. From the beginning to the end. There are some movies you just don’t get it. This one was done well and for me to say Gweneth Paltrow didn’t annoy me is saying something. The whole cast was good and DAMN Daddy Bear Bridges! WOW. No more needs to be said.

Michael Phelps 8 Gold win – I know there are some out there who don’t think he’s all that, but I have thought he was hot since the 2004 Olympics and he’s just a big dorky tall boy. Who can swim his ass off. It was really great seeing him win! I rearranged my schedule just to see him swim. We’ll see if he can top it in 4 years.

Wall-e – One of my favorite Pixar movies. It has grown on me, when I saw it in theater, I got it on DVD and have watched it a few times. The story is great and Eva! Just is really good, and the other robots they have just added to the whole story. My favorite part is when Eva and Wall-e are in Wall-e’s house for a lack of better word and he was showing her all his stuff. She made the light bulb light and solved the rubic’s cube! It was very good.

Love Boat on DVD – About damn time too. The best show of the 70’s is on DVD! Where else can you see Eric Estrada, Christy McNichol, Scott Baio, Charo, and many more on one stage, NO where else that’s where. I know it’s totally 70’s cheese but it always makes me smile. EW said it was the worst but I’m taking offense to that! It’s the best, but I hate the season one part one, I want a full season to buy!

Pink – I wasn’t a big fan of Pink but after watching her this year and her New CD, I really like her. She’s fun and really doesn’t let someone stand in her way. I also love the way she speaks her mind. Which many people these days don’t do. They are too politically correct.

Celebrity Autobiography: Off Broadway – I saw this one the view and if i ever get to NYC I’m going to see this. It’s actors reading celebrity biographies on stage and adding their own spin on it. It is pretty awesome, and quite funny.

Christian Winning Project runway – Finally a winner of Project runway that will go on to do things. All the rest have done virtually nothing, Jay, nothing, Cloe lives in Houston, Jeffrey, who cares. I think we’ll see somethings from him and go on to a great career. I think he was the most talented out of the bunch.

iPhone G3 – More iPhone goodness. The one most people have been waiting for came out and at a much lower price. I still don’t have one but still think they are cooolll!

Gay days – I attended gay days for the first time, and met a lot of the podcasting superstars. I had a blast, Ricky from Foul Monkeys was my roomie and we met QCast, Pod is my copilot, BFO, Larry K, The Way We See It, Holly from We’re Mean and many more. It was a much needed vacation, and I hope to go back this year. It was very low key and laid back.

Bento – This is a really cool program for the mac, it’s a database program and has allowed me to keep track of everything. From emails, to files and addresses. It’s and easy to use program. It’s saving me, and works so well with other mac programs.

Underwear News Briefs – My underwear blog, I have wanted to create one for over a year and the lay off has helped me do that. I have really enjoyed some success in it and hope to continue it into the next year. I have talked to major names in the underwear business and keep gaining more contacts by the day. If you like undies check it out.

Kathy/Anderson NYE – It was so good they are doing it again. I missed it the first go round but I have seen it on YouTube, and I won’t miss the next. The incredible Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper, made a great pair. I can’t wait to see what they are doing this year.

Wii Fit – What a great invention play video games and get fit, this is the great mix of them. I have heard from many ou there they love it. I don’t have a Wii, but I want one. The one thing I don’t need is the Wii going Ugh! when you step on it.

DVR – What a most incredible invention. It changed my life, and the way most american’s watch TV! Until last year, I had a VCR, which sucked, I never loved running down a tape, after you get it to a point and it dies, and you can’t watch the tape. With the DVR will let you watch it at the same quality and record two shows at once! Whoo hooo.

Ab Fab complete series on dvd – One of my favorite shows is on the DVD, and it’s the entire show all five seasons and the specials. I SO Want it and think it’s about time they did it. I had it on VHS, which sucked, and now that I don’t have a VCR, I gotta get the DVDs, and hopefully soon. Because I am thin and gorgeous.

MTM reunion on Oprah – This is one of the big scores of the year. The entire cast, on the Oprah show, including Betty White, Cloris Leachman, and Georgia Engle. I know i spelled them wrong, but deal with it. The only thing is that annoying is she didn’t talk to them much. But Oprah, recreated the news room set and Mary’s Apartment. it was amazing.

The Worst:

Milly Cyrus – Are we all tired of the munchin? I hate her voice, she’s getting an attitude, bigger then all three of the Jonas Brothers and what’s up with that creepy Vanity Fair shoot? And a 20 year old underwear model boyfriend, now I am jealous!

Writers Strike – I understand why they did it, but come on in the middle of the season? You ruined a few shows and the one below it. We were stuck with crappy reality shows, the one that comes to mine was Celebrity Circus and American Gladiator. Now the actors maybe striking and put a fork in network tv, it will be done. Also it ruined the ending of one my favorite shows, Las Vegas, it ended on a cliff hanger and no resolution.

Pushing Daises cancelled – My favorite show of the year, and it’s gone. It was funny, smart and creative. Why is it good shows like this get cancelled but we’re stuck with Knight Rider, The Hills, anything on the CW? I hoped someone would pick it up, but not yet and doesn’t look good.

Brittany Spears – She’s like a mold that never goes away. I don’t like her music any more, her life, her kids, nothing. I wish she would go away and never return. The Break down, the crappy album, now the new album, the everything. Just leave!

Getting laid off – the biggest sucky thing of the year. I knew it was going and my old company is dropping people like a bad habit. I keep hearing more and more every week. So it wasn’t a matter of if, but when. So, it’s been a downer but they say that the year will pick up!

The Economy – The worst economy in many years. Which keeps getting worse and worse, there has to be an end. Since we’ve been in a recession, since last Dec, I hope it will get better. This has been the main thing of the year. The bail out has been a flop and banks aren’t lending, time to make them lend! let’s all pray for a new year and new economy.

Madonna – Yeah I’m saying it, this last album sucked, and in the words of Ryan from the Way We See It, it was Nelly F. (can’t spell her name) two years ago. She’s not forward, she’s just a pain. And the divorce, with her track record how stupid is it that she didn’t do a prenup? can we say Stupid!

Indiana Jones movie – Aliens, need a say more. How could Cate Blanchet join this crapfest, she must have lost a bet. UGH

Joe the Plumber – Where did we dig up this bozo? he wasn’t registered to vote, wasn’t a plumber, and supposedly has an album coming out. If he’s not the epitome of what’s wrong with the American electorate, but damn, let’s be thankful his 15 mins are over.

Project Runway Drama – is it going to Lifetime, or not. Is it coming back to Bravo, i have heard that rumors are the show is Dead! Which makes me sad but last year they couldn’t even do a reunion show? What’s up with that. The easiest show to do, and they didn’t. This season had no clear winners to me, and no one really stood out. They rushed the season, the guest judge cancelled at the last minute and the challenges were not that good. Take a lesson from Top Chef

American Idol – Is this show not over yet? What is up with this, why are people still watching, very few of the winners or any of the finalists go on to do anything. The two that will be the best are Carrie Underwood and Jennifer Hudson, the rest, cya! Kelly Clarkson would have a career if she didn’t tell off Clive Davis. But they have redone the show and let’s hope ratings dive faster then the stock market this year.

Closing of shows on Broadway – Some shows I wanted to see closed due to the economy, Title of Show, Xanadu and the list goes on. I hear its grim but I gotta get a job and get up there to see more. I have really come to love Broadway, thanks to Thomas. But Shrek, and some of the Disney crap is still there.

Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice – These shows are the Thirtysomething of this decade. They whine and complain. I hate the acting and the cast. But yet everyone talks about them. Now two stars are talking about leaving and I don’t care who is McSomething. When did McDonald’s become a sponsor?

The Hills – Spencer, Heidi and Lauren, can all go to hell as far as I’m concerned, if you watch this crap, you need to learn to read and pick up a book. The pseudo reality show is just bad, whiny rich folks talking about their pseudo problems.

Podcasters Ending shows – Some good podcasters ended their shows this year. Which made me sad. Some really great shows too like Pop Trash Radio, the Little Fatty Cast (I know it was last year) and a few more. . But like all things ebbs and flows of the world. The one i will miss the Most is Confessions of a Southern Boy, but he will have a new one. So we’ll see.

High School Musical – Teens with an allowance. But I guess I shouldn’t protest too much, it’s not sex filled and crazy. But it’s really bad music and songs. There are worst things for our youth to be stuck on, like Titanic, yeah I said that too!

Prop 8 – this is the worst thing of the year. Why is it that the dumb ass Mormon’s taking this up when they have four wives and really stupid underwear? I think that since this past, we should just ban divorce all together. You get married, well you’re stuck, no way out. This will make you rethink marriage. I don’t think two gay guys getting married are bad for marriage. What is bad is Brittany getting married for 50 hours, Senators preaching family values but on their third wife andpreachers getting caught in sex scandals.

Jonas brothers – See above or mIley, they were novel at first, but now they have their own TV show, the Disney movie, we can only hope that this year they get over exposed. And they also have the celibacy till they get married. Well ask Brittany about how this one turned out. One of them will be in a gay sex scandal with a midget and a donkey.

$4 Gas – Gas was out of control and here in Atlanta it was way crazy. The shortage in Sept/Oct almost brought the city to a stand still? Did we figure out why the gas went that high? I think it’s greedy prince’s in the Arab countries. It’s time to break the cartel and make it stand on the free market.

Brad Pitt and Angelina – These two just damn annoy me, more then I can say. They want their privacy but yet go everywhere in the world, with the UN of children in tow. I heard a rumor that Angelina was going to retire from acting, I hope she’s not toying with us. How many out there really care about them? really? can I have a show of hands?
Hope you enjoyed the list, let me hear your best and worst