I want to thank everyone who made this possible. Never in my life would I think I would get a one star. All the other podcasters have gotten then, while our little show had gone unnoticed. Well not any longer. We have come into our own and become the podcasting elite! I cant’ believe it. I have a list of people to thank. I would like to thank all the old people who are no longer podcasting for getting me into the medium. With out you, I never would have taken the chance to have a show. I’d like to thank my old co-host Ryan for keeping me going and I didn’t give up when there were few listeners. I have to thank the podfather, Archer for letting me promote my show on his group gang bangs. With out him I’d still be a totally 5 star review podcast. Lastly my Table for One brothers and sisters. Wes and Mary, you have received this honor before me and now we’re all WINNERS. Also to my current co-host Robert for bringing out the best in me! Lastly I want to thank my Parents for making me the bitter person I am today, that eventually lead to me getting this prestigious honor.

The list goes on to all the podcasts that have inspired me, all have received this honor as well, WMBYS, Q Cast, PIMC, Live it Up, A Drink to be Sober, Big Gay Sex Show, Archer Radio, and man there’s too many to mention. I know I have forgotten some but that doesn’t mean I don’t honor your work.

This honor juts proves i have mad it in the podcasting world. I thank you for this and honor it. This has made my day and keep those one stars a coming!  Just remember for future one stars mention Robert as well! And remember Bitter is Better!