It’s Been a while since I’ve done an update, but there is some exciting news out there that I had to share: 

There is good news and bad news about Mary Tyler Moore Show! The good news is that they are releasing the final 3 seasons. Now the bad news, they are doing a Complete series set. Which means those of us who bought the individual seasons now must buy the new complete series set. No word has been said about if they are going to do individual season sets. but looks unlikely at this point. They set is due out May 5th. and lists for $179.98. But thats the SRP, and Amazon and others will have it cheaper. So its good it’s out but ugh, lets hope it has some killer extras like commentary from Mary herself, which the individual sets lacked. 

One of my favorite shows of all time, is scheduled to come out on May 26th. Designing Women, TV on DVD is reporting that Walmart has the show listed to be released that day. But we have seen this be on the schedule and pulled off more then once. So its about time that they release it, because I think it’s getting to the point that if it’s not out soon, the demand will be gone soon. Just my opinion. Let’s hope so, I loved this show and would love to have it. They put out all of the Golden Girls! Why not Designing Women. 


The last thing I wanted to cover is ABC, the bitches, has put Ugly Betty on Hold. Ok if anyone can tell me what on hold is I would appreciate it. I”m not sure when it will be back or what’s in store for the show. It’s one of my favorite shows. I hope they get with it and have it back soon.