I just got out of the theater and saw Star Trek. I was a little worried about the whole how are they going to do this movie. Add to the fact I am not a big fan of JJ Abrams, but this movie was awesome. While watching the view, Lenoard Nemoy was on it and Whoppie said she thought Gene Rodenberry would love the new movie since he wanted someone to envision the franchise for a new generation. I will say this movie did just that!

Without giving much away since its the first day, they have done the movie in a way that the future of Star Trek in a way that will allow this crew to live on and in the words of Spock, “Live Long and Prosper.” I know we will see more movies from this crew and I hope they live up to this standard.

But if you’re a fan or even if you’re not, but like a good movie this has to be one of the best I’ve seen in a long time. And as for Star Trek movies, this will be one of my favorites. A must have on DVD.