Ok, how many times can you use a tired saying. Well over at the Fashion show, it seems they can run it in the ground and keep on going. I have to hear either Queen, Kelly Rowland or Isaac say that again I swear I’ll get Merlin’s hat and stab them with the long feather over and over.

I was going to give this show a chance and I must say, that I think it sucks. I hate the Harpers Bazaar Challenges. To me they are pointless parts in the show. They just took the great show Top Chef (don’t get me started on Top Chef Masters, that’s another train wreck) and gave it a Fashion spin.

Everyone I like either have been kicked off or they are constantly in the bottom. The person I think should win our of the remaining is Reco. He’s got the most talent and drive. We have the cunty McCunt Cunt mean girls bunch. Out of which Anna keeps winning, her vagina dress looked like a jet engine gone wrong.  And then there is that Lindsay Lowhan wanna be mean girl Daniella, who did the same thing this week as she did a few weeks back, that was a hideous pattern, but she skated through. And let’s not forget Johnny. How can this home sewer make it so far. I just want to grab the sicsors and cut off that hair on the top of his head. Can someone tell him he’s not Japanese?

I will say I was happy for Merlin to go home, he makes some triped out on Magic Mushroom outfits and where did he get that fur hat? Or in that case an of the hats he wears? Where are Clinton and Stacy When you need them? Oh yeah over at TLC.

My favorite was Andrew Christian, I think he could have gone far, but I’m beginning to question Bravo’s TV now. Its all about bitchy rich people or really bad reality competition shows. The only thing they have going for them is “My Life on the D-List” which gets better as the years go by. Sorry for the tangent.

My big question is what bet did Fern Mallice loose to go on this show? did Issac have compromising pictures or something? She prob is one of the smartest minds in fashion and gets stuck with this crap. I”m so glad they don’t have a fashion week show. I don’t think any of these really could do a complete line. Although, the top four will show, and I”m very scared.

This show is no where near Project Runway and I think we have seen the best days of Project Runway as well. But let me tell you Bravo… You are hanging on by a thread, show me something new or I’m just not buying it sweetie, bye bye.