One of my favorite shows on the Science Channel, yes I said Science Channel, is no more! Which makes me a little sad and a little mad. The show is called Brink, it was hosted by Josh Zepps from Australia. It was a science news show about all things science and ground breaking. First it was on Friday Nights, then Monday Nights then Tuesday Nites, The constant moving around let me know something was up.

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I DRV’ed it because I never know when the Science Channel would have it on. When I watched this past episode, they said it was the last. I went WTF? Yes the show I had loved, because it made you think, have new perspectives and lets face it, it was kinda geeky and I”m down with my geek side. As you may have read, I think the self described geeks/nerds are my type for dating, and they are so cute to me. But enough of that, I’ve done that post before.


They have profiled space tourism, energy made from fungi, and what ever else geek you can think of, and yes there have been many robots too! They also had contributors, and one of them (back to the geeky boys) is Jonah Leher. who is, according to his website:

I’m a Contributing Editor at Wired and the author of How We Decide and Proust Was a Neuroscientist. moncler Doudounes I graduated from Columbia University and studied at Oxford University as a Rhodes Scholar. I’ve written for The New Yorker, Nature, Seed, The Washington Post and The Boston Globe. I’m also a Contributing Editor at Scientific American Mind and National Public Radio’s Radio Lab.

Plus I think he’s so damn cute. puma pas cher Yeah ok, I admit this is probably some great eye candy and another reason why I watched it, but how many str8 guys watched Baywatch for the plot? But, I actually did learn a bit from the show. I am a Discovery Channel, National Geographic Network junkie. puma chaussures I love watching just about everything on these. I love the science, astronomy and just learning. Its fun to me believe it or not. Well they have moved on and have now the Popular Science show. Which just isn’t the same. I don’t see their host dressing up as his evil European twin, or having the final moments a la Jerry Springer. If you missed it there is a clip above. Bottes UGG En Ligne Check it out and I found out Josh Zepps is a commedian and hosting a new show soon on another network. timberland chaussures I don’t remember what it was off the top of my head.