Apple released the annual new iPods. And this time they didn’t disappoint. They added some major new updates. overview_hero1_20090909 They released a whole new line of shuffles. They now have colors and glad to see the Green Back. They are a better size if you ask me the inch by inch one before I would so loose. I thought of getting a shuffle when I go to the gym, but I’d have to actually get to the gym. moncler hero-nano-20090909 The Nano has been redesigned. You can now shoot video and listen to the radio. A lot of people have complained there is no FM receiver in the ipod. Now you can listen to the radio, but if you’re like me I have the iPod so I don’t have to listen to the radio. But the really cool thing is the camera. Bottes UGG Pas Cher France I am interested in knowing how it does? Like battery life, resolution and such. This will really give Flip a run for their money if it’s a good camera. chaussure timberland femme You would only have to carry one thing instead of two. hero-touch-20090909 There are also new iPod Touches. I”m really surprised they have upped the higher storage size. They now come in 8GB, 32 GB adn 64 GB. The sucky part is that is $399 for the 64 GB model. I’m like what ever. You can get a 160 GB classic, which I have (well 80 GB) for $250. The screen isn’t large but it holds everything. bottes timberland slider1_20090909 then there is the new iTunes. The things i like best are the redesign of the whole store. Timberland Soldes It’s easier to navigate now. Its cleaner. Also the download of podcasts is easier to see. The top window shows what you are downloading. chaussures puma pas cher Then the most awesome is the social media aspect, you can share with facebook and twitter. timberland homme So over all the new iPods and iTunes are great.