I must share one of the new shows I am loving. It’s Demons on BBC, and we have it on BBC America. It’s premise is Luke is the Grand Son of the infamous Van Helsing. His father was killed and one of his fathers friends comes back to get him to vanquish the world of evil. He is joined by Mina Harker, who is blind but can see things, yeah it’s weird. She see’s visions when she touches something. The last person is his friend Ruby who is after Luke to date. You gotta throw in some sexual tension somewhere.

So far they have aired 4 of the six shows. I hope we get to see more of the show. The one thingĀ  I think is lacking on BBC America is they need to show more Brittish shows over here, not just the popular ones that we all know, granted I want them to keep showing Dr. Who, but some other good shows they have, comedies and dramas. So we’ll see!