Here I am sitting here on a holiday weekend, and watching the History Channel’s Modern Marvels and was listening to Vera Speaks and Big Fatty. I’m getting over the staph infection in my leg, it’s not gone but I can tell a big difference. I should be better this weekend, and then it’s off to find a part time job (which I know what I want) and maybe do Administrative Temp work, YUCK, but that’s this week.

I”m bored off my ass. So I figure I would blog for a bit. And the topic I picked is Where I want to go. I LOVE to travel and after going to Vegas this past month I realized I want to do it more. I have to get a job and pay off all the bills then go! I hate staying home and doing what i”m doing tonight.

Here is my list of cities:

  • Chicago
    • It’s on the the top of my list I want to go too. I hear it’s so much fun and a great town for gay life. If you aren’t aware and I know Big Fatty is, that every Memorial Day they have International Mister Leather. It’s a good time by all, and I really want to go see some of the sports gear stuff. But outside of that, I hear the city has amazing sites, great food (including deep dish pizza), and Oprah for one more year.
  • San Francisco
    • Yes, it’s the Gay mecca. I hear everyone who goes love it and feel like they are home. I have loved this city since I was in third grade, I guess we should have known right? Well that and the Sister Sledge 45 (wiki it if you don’t know) and ABBA 8 tracks (again wiki), we wrote to San Francisco and got information in third grade and I have always wanted to go. The Golden Gate, China Town, Fisherman’s Wharf, and lastly the Castro.
  • San Diego
    • I will admit the first time I really wanted to go to San Diego was for Blacks Beach, the nude beach but it’s  a pain to get to, as Mr. Wes Stone said. And others I heard from said the same. But I hear the weather is awesome there. Being in Atlanta, the weather can be oppressively hot to damn cold. I would love to go to a place that has kind of steady weather. I’m not a big beach person but would go there. Just seems like a good city to go see, I could see Mr. Stone and meet Miss NESSA!
  • Miami
    • Ok, granted I have been to Miami twice. BUT, they were day trips for my previous job and all I saw was the Miami Airport and the Burger King Headquaters. Fun right, well I will include Fort Lauderdale as well. I would love to see the Art Deco district of South Beach. Its one of my cities I have always wanted to visit as well. I honestly am not sure why, but I will be there soon I hope!
  • London
    • The only place I have been out of the country is to Canada. So with my love of Doctor Who, Torchwood and Britt Coms, I have always wanted to go. You have so much to see like Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Circus, London Bridge and the list could go on and on. It’s amazing to me that we speak the same language but are so different. I hear it’s very expensive but I say if you go, go for it. Things I want to do for sure, see a show, Buckingham Place, Tower of London, Ride the Tube (an no that’s not a euphemism), double decker bus and eat some of the food, but there will be no fish, organ meats or stuff like that. And hopefully pick up some cool Dr. Who stuff!
  • Amsterdam
    • Yeah I said it and no I’m not going for the smoke, but more the fun. I have been told that you need to experience it first hand. I used to work with someone and she said it was wild that it was a live sex show on the stage, right in front of her. I say we all need to let our freak flag fly and enjoy. Those who say they don’t are the big freaky deakies in the bedroom. Watch out for them.
  • Sydney
    • If I had to rate a place I want to go first this would be top of the list. I have wanted to see Sydney for years and years. The Opera House, the beaches and more. I got to talk briefly to Cocksox when they were here and they said come on down! I wish I could and I will say I will be going when it is summer there, I want to hit Bondi Beach and see the guys in speedos, but also I LOVE Aussie guys. They are just sexy to me and sorry British guys, they are more laid back. If I head all the way down I will want to see more of the country as well. Another person I met at Curve, she just moved down there with her mother and she said “I was just going to visit, and loved it and just stayed” and I”m so jealous! OMG, i have few cool underwear companies to visit as well. Which we all know is a big love of mine!
  • Auckland
    • I hear more people love Auckland then they do Sydney. I have heard this from more then one person. After Lord of the Rings, and yeah yeah, I know everyone saw it, but the country is beautiful. Its truly amazing and beautiful. Plus Mr. Aurthur aka Amerinz is there and loves it. So that speaks for itself
  • Pairs
    • Last is Paris, and I go all the way to London I have to take the train over to Paris. When in High School I took French and always wanted to go. The city is really beautiful. I got a book from my HS French teacher called “Above Paris” that was taken above the city. It was amazing and I would look at it all the time. I know it’s 20 years or more old now and a lot prob has changed but still. It would be great to go.

Places I’ve been that I want to go back too

  • Seattle
    • I have been twice, once in 1989 and the other time was in 2003. Both times I felt like I was home. It’s beautiful and one of the best cities I have ever been too! I would post some pics but it was the days before digital cams. Space Needle, Mount Rainer, Pikes Place Market and need I say more!
  • New York City
    • I have been once, and it was a theater weekend with Thomas. I want to go back, and actually I found out I am going in January. Which is a very quick trip for the Underwear News Briefs Site. So it will prob be fly in the night before, then fly out the next day. I could live in NYC for a bit but not sure I’d make it my perm address. But the culture, theater, city and food is amazing. I will be bringing back onion bagels, OMG they are so good.
  • Boston
    • I haven’t been back since the mid 90’s. The one thing I loved was the men. OMG, every where I looked, it was hot guys. I’m a sucker for brown hair and I swear that’s all I saw. This is also the first town I went to a gay bar. Yup, I didn’t go out in Atlanta, but when we went for a school trip we went to this restaurant and I saw the gay flag and I said I would come back, I was like 21, barely I think, was nervous when I went in and had a drink and then left, so it was uneventful, but I would love to go back when it’s not summer. I have seen the Commons, Cheers (and eaten there and it was good food), Ice Skating in the commons, John Hancock Building, and lord a lot more.
  • Toronto
    • Another school trip and I went before I found out what gay nightlife they have! I was pissed when I came back but we stayed way out in the burbs. We went in for a day and went up the CN Tower and did a few things but since it was a school trip we had to go to the conference and it was a Model UN, I know I’m a dork, but I was the US in the security council so I was the shit. It was one of the best trips we’ve been on.
  • Vancouver
    • Another day trip here, but it was in 1989 on a school trip to Seattle. We skipped out of the conference cause it sucked and then went to Vancouver. It was amazing and beautiful. I didn’t get to see a lot other then Stanley Park and we went up to the top of Grouse Mountain which was very fun to see snow! I we hardly get any snow here.
  • Orlando
    • See the rate enough said
  • Las Vegas
    • I go every six months for the UNB site. Feb and August. The trips are all about underwear, which may not sound like a lot but it’s really tiring walking all over. I would love to go when I don’t have a show and can be a tourist. Not worry about having to meet people before and after. I love the strip and MERMAIDS OMG, amazing.
  • Washington DC
    • This was the first city I ever flew too. in 1988, I took a Delta flight up there. It’s one of my top cities and another I would move to in a heartbeat. I have been prob 12 times and used to go every six months. There is so much to do and I haven’t been since 2000. SO that’s over 10 years. I have a lot of friends there and really want to go see it again. If all goes well Oct/Nov I will be back up there. I miss this town

Yeah I know I don’t go into detail I’m tired and got half way through the post and realized I should have done this tomorrow. But oh well. Look for more posts toon.