Well, this week has been awesome, and I do mean that… NOT! It started yesterday, I went to have lunch with Peter and on the way over one of my crowns came off. I was like WTF. I was chewing gum, and not some crazy gum the ADA approved gum (yeah I looked at the package) and it pulled up. Luckly it went back on. I thought it was a different one. But it’s the one in the back of my mouth. So, I called the dentist and the new person working about drove me nuts. She obviously didn’t know I am the best customer there. I think I have paid for their office. So the earliest they could see me is Thursday at Noon, so I have to go from Monday till Thursday with a wonky crown. Luckily it’s not too loose, so I should be good. bottes timberland pas cher Then today I have had spasms in my knee, which reminds me of the gout, but the joint isn’t sore. So I’m not sure whats up with it. I have it in my left knee, and it shoots down my calf. And its just like back spasms but in the knee. moncler pas cher It HURTS. ugg soldes I have taken my gout drugs but we’ll see. moncler When I get gout in the knee it usually starts off with a pain down my calf, and the joint is some what sore on the outside (Left side of the left knee) and when I bend my knee its gets stiff. Moncler doudoune pas cher This hasn’t happened, so I’m not sure whats up with it. I have just been in a bad mood all day and these two things aren’t helping. It’s just been stressful knowing I’m running out of money and no chance for any more right off the bat, I guess next month it will be admin temp work, JOY. I will record even if i have to this week, even a solo show.