• New Doctor is Peter Capaldi
  • Announced live world wide at 2PM EST Sunday
    • Have seen him on Dr. Who before in “Fires of Pompeii” Also on Torchwood Children of Earth
    • This isn’t the only time we’ve seen a doctor on Who before – Colin Baker played a guard during Tom Bakers reign
  • How is he going to play the Dr?
    • I see him Being Darker/serious more along the lines of the Original and possibly Sylvester McCoy
    • How will the chemistry be with Clara? If not good she will be gone after next season, her’s and matts chemistry was amazing
  • What I would like to see with the new Dr.
    • Greater story development and a season that ties together – one that isn’t cheesy
    • Inclusion of 2 parters – old stories were 25 minute episodes
    • A reoccurring villain outside of the Dalek/Cybermen –
    • My ideal would be another time lord, could be bring the Master back or better yet the Rani?
      • More episodes from Neil Gaimen and Mart Gatis type of writers (Doctors Wife still one of the best episodes EVER)
  • Regeneration
    • Need one fitting Matt Smith

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