tsepisode186 I am joined by Melanie from Don’t Quit your Day Job (http://www.dqydjpodcast.com) for another Dr. Who Cast! We talk the first two episodes of season 7.2. Below are my notes I made for the show, I’m too lazy to write real show notes Episode 1 Season 7.2 * Bells of St. John * Loved the episode * Wifi was a little hokey but over looked * See how Clara got her computer info * also the name oswin * Gives a great opening to the end * Loved they had Claudia Bing from AbFab Episosde 2 Season 7.2 * Rings of Akhaten * Was a throw back to Satans Pit * Seemed a little phoned in and done before in Dr. Who * http://www.radiotimes.com/news/2013-04-06/doctor-who-the-rings-of-akhaten-review * Radio Times said Smith was not a good performance Find me at http://terminallysinglepodcast.com (404) 532-9239 PO Box 2072 Powder Springs,