tsepisode167 I am joined with Christina and Nicole for a Walking Dead Chat. Where we dissect the last episode of the season. The Ups, Downs and crazy rage killings and brain eating zombies (well they don’t eat brains but it sounds good). Sorry for the Delay garage band kept crashing over and over and over! ◦ TV Guide article – http://www.tvguide.com/News/Walking-Dead-Season3-Robert-Kirkman-1063749.aspx ◦ My issues with the season ▪ Started off with a bang ▪ The first part of season three gave me hope ▪ David Morresys Governor to me wasn’t a big threat, He was nice but never came across as a villain or ruthless. t LOVE the actor hate the part ▪ The season just drug on and was anti climatic at the end. ▪ No Big battle at the end that we kept hearing about. The Governors men were seemed to be inept ▪ He got away and is back as a season regular ▪ Feel they are going to miss major plot lines now that Andrea is gone. ▪ I like the way they handled her since they were going to kill her but think it was way too soon.