captain-america-winter-soldier I am a big geek I know. So when I found out Chris Evans was donning the Captain America suit again I was ready. First, I think he’s the hottest in the Marvel Universe Movies. Second they teamed him up with Black Widow again. I know there are a ton out there who don’t like Scarlett Johansen, but I think this role is made for her. She plays it awesome. Just her attitude she has makes it. In the Avengers when she is tied up and says “Just a minute” kicks ass and picks up her shoes and leaves. This movie is more of a Borne type of movie. It has not only action but a political side. I won’t spoil it for anyone out there…yet! It’s a little darker and there is a twist at the end I”m still trying to wrap my brain around. It makes me wonder how it will figure into the Avengers 2. I will discuss on a show coming this week, but if you’re a geek, go geek out and see it.