captain-america-winter-soldier I am a big geek I know. So when I found out Chris Evans was donning the Captain America suit again I was ready. First, I think he’s the hottest in the Marvel Universe Movies. Second they teamed him up with Black Widow again. ugg australia I know there are a ton out there who don’t like Scarlett Johansen, but I think this role is made for her. vente privee ugg She plays it awesome. doudoune moncler pas cher Just her attitude she has makes it. In the Avengers when she is tied up and says “Just a minute” kicks ass and picks up her shoes and leaves. This movie is more of a Borne type of movie. bottes timberland It has not only action but a political side. I won’t spoil it for anyone out there…yet! It’s a little darker and there is a twist at the end I”m still trying to wrap my brain around. chaussures puma pas cher It makes me wonder how it will figure into the Avengers 2. I will discuss on a show coming this week, but if you’re a geek, go geek out and see it.