tsepisode206 For the first time since 2008 I have insurance My Experience

  • Insurance is never fun
  • Had to read each plan individually
  • Had to cover my gout drugs and go to my Doctor
  • Called them and they told me what insurance they took
  • I wasn’t going to get insurance and take the penalty
  • But after talking to family at 9 PM I had insurance
  • Site wasn’t bad, logged right in
  • No waiting or my info


  • Hired someone to do my taxes
  • Was the best decision ever
  • Found out what I can write off
  • Going Back to redo my 2012 taxes.
  • I was able to deduct over 60% of what Turbo Tax had me

Job Hunt

  • I”m back on it
  • Hate HATE HATE job hunting
  • I get “Over Qualified” or “No Big Brand Experince”
  • Started a YouTube Channel for

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