1011279_10152005559116476_915920519_nOk I’m a HUGE Fan of the Good Wife on CBS. I think it’s probably the best written/acted drama on Network TV. Notice I say Network TV. Most of the Emmy awards now go to Premium/Cable networks. That said, the writers of The Good Wife have been known to have episodes where you have to see the last 10 mins. The twist of Alecia leaving Lockhart & Gardner and getting fired! I thought that was some shit! But this week had nothing on it. The previews said the 10 minutes of Good Wife you must see. So, I figured it was another twist! However I didn’t expect that to happen. You should know what happened. Long time star Josh Charles decided to leave the show. This wasn’t a normal let’s get up and go, this was something that had to be done. In the last 10 minutes there was a shooting in the court room that that lawyer Will Gardner was trying to get off a client for murder. The so called murder suspect was Hunter Parrish from Weeds. Long story short, he was accused of murdering a fellow student of his university. It seemed he did it from the evidence they showed on the show. During a sidebar with the judge, he looked around the room, in slow motion, and saw the bailiffs gun and flash to him shooting up the court room. No one is really able to be seen. Kalinda rushes in the court room past police and finds Will being tended to by the DA/States Attorney and Hunter’s character still alive trying desperately to shoot himself in his head but the gun is out of bullets. Kalinda and Diane (Christine Baranski) go to the hospital to find will. They see the DA/States Attorney and he doesn’t know what happened to Will. They try to get a nurse but to no avail, no one has information. They stand outside a room where the ER Docs are working on a patient, thinking it is Will. Flash forward a few minutes to a detective coming out behind a curtain and leaves. Kalinda goes into the area and removes the sheet from the face and there is Will laying on the table, eyes open and DEAD! I was literally on the edge of my seat. When they showed him, I was watching it with my mother, I said, no way he can be dead. Well, I was WRONG. But the show wasn’t over yet. The big scene that made my heart drop was the call to Alecia. Kalinda has to call Alecia but she is at the Governor’s Correspondents Dinner sitting on the dais. The first call is rejected by Eli Gold (Alan Cummings) and when the second call is placed, he answers and has the I can’t be bothered attitude. Then Kalinda tells him that Will is Dead. He goes to get Alecia and tells her she has a call. “Now?” she says annoyed and he said and I’m paraphrasing “Yes, you must take this call” she gets worried walks off and all you hear is Kalina saying Will is dead. BAM, end of show! I was like WHAT? This show can take you high and drop you low. This is the lowest it’s ever taken me. I LOVE this show. I found out later that night from TVLine that he was leaving the show and it was Josh Charles decision to leave. The producers decided there was no way to have him just leave that the only option was to have him killed off. Which from reports and interviews Josh Charles agrees. Unlike other shows this was not done in spite or malice. It was so shocking a lot of people said that they would never watch the show again. Which I think is a little harsh. The producers put out a statement and Julianna Margulies did a Facebok Chat on the Monday after! Now there are many things that need to get addressed. How will the show move forward? What direction will it take? The producers said it’s always been an “education of Alecia Florrek” so we will have more seasons regardless. One bit question I want answered and it will be answered, as the producers have stated, if Carey and Alecia will merge back with Lockhart/Gardner? You saw nothing in the new firm Florrek/Agos. Also, Chrstine gets to become some what of a bad ass! I can’t wait to see what they do. My prediction would be to bring in Michael J. Fox to take over for Will. He is making a return and bring in Martha Plimpton, former Raising Hope, who has guested on a few episodes to work with Florrek/Agos. It prob won’t happen but would make amazing TV. If you haven’t watched the Good Wife, go on Amazon Prime and watch it.