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The founder of Terminally Single, Tim. Which came about when I went out with the flight attendant. I coined the phrase and it’s been with me every since. I am living in the Atlanta area, working in a peanut plant. Not much more to tell.

The podcast started in Christmas Day 2005. I sat on my bed and did the first one. It went on till July of 2006, when I got the job at the peanut plant and never had time. I decided to get back into podcasting in Nov, 2007. I began listning to Pod Is My CoPilot and Q Cast. And from there it grew.

Now I do podcast and podfade regularly over the years. When I do podcast I have a new format. I have changed formats to try, and I stress, try to do 2 times a week. I also do entertainment shows on Doctor Who, Downton Abbey and more will be added. I”m a geeek and share my love of all things geekdom too.


2006-2007  – I did solo shows until I got a cohost, Ryan, from the Way We See It Podcast now. Then after he left I got Robert. Who has done a fantastic job. The podcast has had many guest hosts too: Tom the Ramble Redhead, Archerr from ArcherRadio, Holly, Walt and Nessa from We’re Mean because You’re Stupid, Wes Stone, Live it Up! and Mary the Sober girl, from a Drink to be Sober. Who are co-founding members of the Table For One podcasting network. There are more guest hosts that I don’t recall right now.

2007-2008: Robert lives in the NYC’s and live a super fabulous life. If you call working and working some more the fabulous life. He lived in Orlando, then Chicago before hitting the big city of NYC. He now has the boy, which takes up a lot of his time. He’s a great guy and a great addition to the podcast.

2008-2009; I did shows with friends Mike and Todd. Then I went back to solo shows.

2010-2012 – Various podfading and shows (2011 was a light year)

2012-Present – 15 minute solo shows

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